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Top 7 Fitness & Health Benefits of Dancing

fitness, sport, dance and lifestyle concept - group of smiling people with coach dancing zumba in gym or studio

Here’s why you should start dancing today: It Keeps You Young. It retards the aging process immensley. It benefits our heart, cardiovascular system and increases our lung capacity. Strong Bones & Lubricated Joints. Dance aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis for men and women.  Dancing can also help keep joints lubricated in …

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5 foods that damage your liver

damaging food for the liver

The liver is one of the largest organs in our body and is important because it helps cleanse the blood of harmful chemicals, in addition to storing sugar as glucose. Do you know which foods can damage your liver? Sugar The liver uses a type of sugar called fructose to …

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10 benefits of eating tomatoes

red tomatoes background. Group of tomatoes

The tomato is perhaps one of the most used vegetables in gastronomy. Besides that, it also has beauty properties. Help us to share this information to reach more people: 1. It is a plant with a good fiber content, mostly consists of water and few calories. 2. It has vitamins …

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Yin Yang Health & Wellness Spa Puerto Plata Offers State Of The Art Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Ying Yang Spa in Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

During your next vacation at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to check out the Yin Yang Health & Wellness Spa offering cutting edge technology and treatments to help you look good, feel good, get fit, lose weight or get healthy, whatever …

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Common Questions about Fibromyalgia


Dr. Mosuro notes the importance of knowing the facts about fibromyalgia. Everyone knows the basic definition of pain because they have likely experienced it at some time in their lives. Those who live with chronic pain, however, have a much deeper understanding of what it is like to deal with …

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Why Sleep is Vitally Important for Health?

sleep good is important for being healthy

When the holiday season arrives, too many people cram their schedules full and cut back on sleep, according to internist Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, who has a few tips for getting the right amount of sleep during the busy season. It’s easy for people to lose track of the number of …

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The Benefits of Walking as a Lower Impact Form of Exercise

the benefits of walking

Not everyone is a marathon runner, but walking has fantastic benefits on your health. Check out these ways walking is the perfect exercise! Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, a leading pain management specialist, shares tips on living healthy, eating healthy, and leading a pain free life.  Dr. Mosuro knows that when individuals …

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7 Top Causes of Back Pain

causes of chronic Pain In Back

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro gives insight into what the top causes for back pain are today. Back pain doesn't seem to discriminate; it can affect people of all ages and backgrounds around the globe.

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How to Spot Strokes Early

How to Spot Strokes Early

Internal medicine physician Doctor Kayode Sotonwa reveals essential information about how doctors can spot the signs of blocked arteries to help prevent strokes. Strokes, when not identified, prevented, or treated quickly, can cause long term damage to a patient, and that is why Doctor Kayode Sotonwa believes it is essential for individuals …

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