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Why Plant-Based Foods Are on the Rise

A beyond delicious plant based non meat cheeseburge

Plant-Based Foods, the benefits of popular demand. Totesnewsworthy Special on the rise of Plant-based foods Have you ever been wanting to try a plant-based diet, but just can’t seem to give up the idea of cooking burgers over a grill on a late summer evening? I couldn’t either.. it’s hard! …

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Online Food Delivery Trends Growing Fast

Online Food Delivery Trends Growing Fast (2)

It all started with the delivery pizza back in 1899. Since then, online food delivery has significantly evolved. It is a growing industry getting more popular by the day. By 2025 if the economic experts are accurate, it is expected to reach 30 billion dollars in sales. For it to …

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Top Foods to Lower Cholesterol

Top Foods to Lower Cholesterol 4

Totesnewsworthy gives you the best ways to lower your Cholesterol. Having high Cholesterol is an undesirable condition that many people struggle with. Changing your diet is an excellent way of lowering cholesterol naturally, and this doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding foods that are rich in cholesterol like eggs and cheese. It’s …

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Plant-Based Lifestyle: Expectation Vs. Reality

Plant-Based Lifestyle Expectation Vs. Reality 1 (2)

Adopting a plant-based lifestyle is one of the many things that most people take for granted. Living such a life requires a strict inner discipline as you try to avoid animal products, but it rewards handsomely. Your body will surely thank you for deciding to live a plant-based lifestyle. Many …

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The Next Big Thing in Plant-Based Lifestyle

The Next Big Thing in Plant-Based Lifestyle (1)

One of the most emphasized topics when it comes to health and fitness is embracing a plant-based lifestyle. It is no longer a secret, so many foods that we consume nowadays are being processed and preserved using chemicals. Unfortunately, some of the products that we consume have unhealthy contents in …

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Plant-based living tips By Totes Newsworthy

Plant-based living tips By Totes Newsworthy (3)

Totes Newsworthy offer these great on how to morph to veganism. Many times people become vegan or vegetarian for many different reasons. Although such a lifestyle has been known to have many health benefits, it has also been scrutinized by many who relish the cons. A Plant-based diet lifestyle consists …

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