Samsung Galaxy S8 Must Know Tips!

Galaxy S8

Samsung has excited the industry by fueling lots of rumors about the specifications and capabilities of the new Galaxy S8. There was some negativity in the press associated with the release of the Galaxy S7 and it not holding up to all of the attention. Also, the Galaxy 8 will …

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Are you charging your Smartphone correctly?

how to charge my smartphone

Charge your Smartphone does not mean connect it to the current and let it drift for a while. There are ways to get the most performance from your Smartphone, and there are also ways to prevent deterioration of the battery and extend its life. The phone batteries gradually lose capacity …

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Millennials and Online Security

Other generations are very aware the Millennials are ahead of the game with the Internet and being tech savvy because they were raise in it’s revolution. Removing reviews from Google has begun to understand that in their line of work, security is something that many people need to feel. The …

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Epsilon Electronics: Business Monopolies

If Epsilon Electronics were involved in a business monopoly just imagine how many products they’d have to manufacture in order to remain this monopoly. Unfortunately for Epsilon Electronics, they aren’t considered a business monopoly due to the fact that they are only located in Los Angeles, California. If Epsilon Electronics …

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WhatsApp just got a whole lot more secure

Whatsapp encryption

All of the messages and calls made through the app are now fully encrypted on all its platforms. The app will send users a notification once their conversations in the app become fully encrypted, and the lock icon will also appear in a chat’s preferences section. Writing on WhatsApp’s blog …

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Instagram is changing, but don’t panic yet!

Instagram changes

Changes to how Instagram content will appear in the app’s feed have sparked a backlash among some of its users. The app plans to switch to “algorithmic timelines” – sorting posts according to users’ interests – rather continuing to list them chronologically. Celebrity are worried their photos may no longer …

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Kiddle, the controversial search engine for children

Kiddle Search Engine for Children

Kiddle was created as a children’s version of Google, but many agree that it censors too much.   It was designed for the children to navigate safer in the turbulence of the web. But Kiddle, a search engine inspired in Google (although is not linked with this popular search engine), …

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Who launched the world’s cheapest smartphone

world's cheapest smartphone

Freedom 251 is now known as the world’s cheapest smartphone. Why? Because it costs only $3.67 USD! An Indian company called Ringing Bells has launched the Freedom 251, billed as the world’s cheapest smartphone, which demand was huge in the first hours of sale, according to published in BBC News. …

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Top Patent Advice for 2015

best patent advice from experts

Idea Design Studio reviews that patents are key to success for inventors and outlines tips to point people in the right direction. Idea Design Studio reviews what prospective inventors can learn about the correct steps for patenting an idea. The process is typically misunderstood by many, according to Idea Design …

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Tips to Clean up Online Reputation Problems in 2015

online reputation management firm

Leading online reputation management firm, Reputation Maxx, provides new helpful tips that can clean up online reputation issues. It’s easy to clean up online reputation problems in 2015 with these tips offered by Reputation Maxx. Positive press isn’t a fluke, it must be created; enter the online reputation management experts …

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