The Dangers of Disrupting Your Body Clock (6)

The Dangers of Disrupting Your Body Clock

As humans, things might seem a little random from time to time, but we have a built-in body clock that lets us know when it’s time to do certain things and sleep. A recent study has shown that the time you eat is also significant and if you disrupt it, your health could be severely affected in several different ways.

Many people who eat sporadically, perhaps due to a busy lifestyle might not even realize that they are affecting their health due to this habit, but it’s true. If you do not stick to eating at certain times (roughly) this is something that needs to be sorted out to avoid possible ill-health, both now and in the future years to come.

The Dangers of Disrupting Your Body Clock (4)

Eat Healthy Meals

The scientific name for the body clock is circadian rhythm, and it is a biological system in our body that lasts for a total of 24 hours. This system occurs in the cells of everybody and helps control several different things including hormone levels throughout the day when to eat, when to sleep and how to respond to any medication. The body clock mainly works by synchronizing with sunlight, meals and the general environment – this is how it figures out day from night. One of the reasons why we turn our light off when we are ready to go to sleep is to send signals to the circadian rhythm that it is that time of day where it is time to wind down and rest.

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