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Best Vegan Detox Juice and Tea Diets

Best Vegan Detox Juice and Tea Diets (1)

Detox juice and tea diets have become an increasingly popular quick fix way of inducing a dramatic weight loss. Some detox diets are a bit demanding as they involve abstaining from other foods apart from juices or tea. If you are on a detox diet, you’ll have to restrict your …

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Best Paleo Bars and Powder in 2019

Best Paleo Bars and Powder in 2019 (5)

The Paleo diet is an essential part of healthy living that has gained a fair number of fans in recent years. Also known as the caveman diet, it has a simple and straight forward concept that tries to replicate what our ancestors ate. The diet restricts you to only natural …

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5 Top Foods to Help you live longer

5 Top Foods to Help you live longer 4

Lifestyle diseases have been on the increase lately, and this can be blamed on the type of foods that people eat. Most individuals lack the knowledge to eat healthily; the junk and fast food that forms a significant part of the diet for most people is full of chemicals and …

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The Dangers of Bad Sleep Habits

The Dangers of Bad Sleep Habits (1)

Totes Newsworthy Explains The dangers of disrupting the body clock Totes Newsworthy explains as humans, things might seem a little random from time to time, but we have a built-in body clock that lets us know when it’s time to do certain things and sleep. A recent study has shown …

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Best Keto Pancakes Recipes

Best Keto Pancakes Recipes (4)

If you are trying to shed weight, adopting a ketogenic diet would be a significant first step towards your weight-loss journey. This involves a combination of low carbohydrate and high-fat ingredients which results in the burning of body fat as opposed to glucose. Knowing the right ingredients and recipe is …

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Top Foods to Lower Cholesterol

Top Foods to Lower Cholesterol 4

Totesnewsworthy gives you the best ways to lower your Cholesterol. Having high Cholesterol is an undesirable condition that many people struggle with. Changing your diet is an excellent way of lowering cholesterol naturally, and this doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding foods that are rich in cholesterol like eggs and cheese. It’s …

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How to Prevent Getting E Coli

Tips from Totesnewworthy on E Coli Prevention. The recent E. Coli outbreak in multiple states has caused panic among people in the United States. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that over 100 people have been infected with the E. coli 0103 while 11 are under hospitalization. And …

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Are Measles Vaccines Safe for Your Children?

Are Measles Vaccines Safe for Your Children 4

For years, vaccines have been administered to young children, as well as adults as a measure of preventing the risk and spread of infectious diseases. However, there have been changing attitudes towards the use of vaccines with some people becoming more skeptical about the idea. This has been demonstrated by …

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