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Top Inspirational Words For All Occasions

Life lessons do NOT come easy. In fact nothing in life comes easy. These top inspirational words for all occasions will come in handy.Hard work, perseverance and tenacity, topped with a lot of FAITH & BELIEF will always make you a sure winner. If you start to feel like you are in a dark place, just relax and live in that space until YOU are ready. Best thing you can do is to practice the art of saying “NO”. There is always darkness before the dawn. We are all being taught lessons on a daily basis. Sometimes they don’t look like lessons but if you can “slow down” to “speed up” this can do MIRACLES for you.

Top Inspirational Words For All Occasions

Practice the art of PATIENCE– Always take your time while making decisions. Put yourself first even if that means disappointing others. It’s your LIFE and you have one shot at it.
Inner reflection is key when it comes to YOUR future.

Saying “NO”- This is the art of NOT being a people pleaser. Having seen the DARKNESS over and over again and shown the light each time, it’s much easier to say NO. Putting yourself first is imperative so that you can tap into YOUR personal POWER and take charge of YOUR own destiny.

LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION– No one really knows what’s best for YOU except for YOU. Quiet the mind and listen to your gut. YOU always have the answers. Stop looking to others for approval. What’s meant for them is not necessarily what’s meant for you. Everyone is here walking his or her own path.

BE HAPPY FOR OTHERS– If you can’t be happy for someone than the opposite is jealousy. Jealousy is the death of any relationship.

Top Inspirational Words For All Occasions

Top inspirational words for all occasions

SELF LOVE– This is a very important component to living a happy and successful life. Loving yourself first means that YOU are just that more open, loving and caring about others. We attract what WE reflect.

LOVE– Let’s just say that my life is filled with so much unconditional love by so many loving, giving and caring people. Making the decision to keep my “GOOD VIBES ONLY” policy and learning to say NO to people and things that don’t serve me makes life that much more peaceful.

QUIET THE VOICES– I have learned that we all have similar voices in our head that tell us we are not worthy or we can’t do something. Dig deep to figure out where these voices come from. They ARE NOT REAL so don’t let them win. We are basically the genes of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc. The point is that you CAN reinvent yourself by SIMPLY changing your thoughts. You are not YOUR PAST!

LET GO and let it flow- You are right where you are supposed to be. Things are unfolding exactly the way they are supposed to. If you look back at your life I am sure you can say that things always had a way of working out. Timing IS everything and when it’s your time you will KNOW!

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Michelle Steingard
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