Snap OUT of it!

Snap OUT of it! One of my dear friends reached out to me and said she was having a rough day and asked me for some inspirational words. I wanted to pass along to you what I shared with her.

The fastest and easiest way to pick yourself up when you are feeling down is to accept how you feel in the moment and internally reflect WHY you are feeling this way. Know that you are right where you are supposed to be, and that and NOTHING happens by accident. It’s okay to feel down at times because that’s part of being human. The KEY is to pick yourself up as FAST as possible.

Snap OUT of it!

By changing your thoughts quickly at the moment from negative to positive is the best way to pick yourself up! Focus on three things that you are grateful for. Do this for a minimum of 3 minutes. It can also help to write this down. Once you see how fast you can snap yourself out of the negative thoughts that don’t serve you, you can start to manifest whatever you desire quickly.

Snap OUT of it! (1)

Snap OUT of it!

Your thoughts can play tricks on your mind, so it’s important to SWITCH your thoughts, just like a light switch. Things will happen in your life that is tough, painful and traumatic but always remember YOU are the ONLY person in control of your thoughts and destiny.

When you start to focus on the positive aspects of your life, this will raise your vibration and elevate your mood from negative to positive. The universe does not know the difference between positive and negative, so why not focus on the positive?

I am not sure if most people realize how positive thoughts can IMPACT your entire life. Continue to listen to your gut and do the things in life that make YOU happy. Spend quality time with people that bring out the very BEST in you. These are people that will say things to you like “ I am so happy for you,” “I want what’s best for you,” “You deserve success.” If you are not hearing this from your friends than it may be time to re-evaluate your relationships, you have one shot at this life; don’t let others bring you down. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

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