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Best Reasons to Visit Mexico City in 2019

Presidential Palace Zocalo, Flag

TotesNewsworthy presents four must-see places in Mexico City.  Most tourists usually head to the beach or a resort destination for their Mexico vacation. But there are so many other places to explore in this country. The culture and people of Mexico City makes an ideal spot for adding this to …

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Fun things to do in Destin Florida

Fun things to do in Destin Florida 1

The beautiful city of Destin is the perfect spot for holiday enthusiasts looking for a vacation to remember. Situated in Northwest Florida against the Gulf of Mexico, the “Emerald Coast” gets its name from the stunning white sandy beaches and green-hued waters that surround it. Destiny is also revered for …

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Wellness Vacations Top Trends 2019

Wellness Vacations Top Trends 2019 (1)

Wellness vacations have become all the rage in recent times. People are changing the traditional cocktail-sipping, sunbathing style of getaways for green smoothies and yoga sessions. More and more vacationers are beginning to realize the benefits of a wellness retreat. The various therapies offered are more than just a fun …

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Best Place to Travel 2019

Best Place to Travel 2019 (8-1)

Totes Newsworthy offers these helpful destinations. The world is full of spectacular destinations and fascinating adventures spread across all its corners; it can be quite a challenge to choose the perfect place to go on holiday. To make things easy for you, the U.S. News compiled data from expert opinions, …

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Best Outdoor Adventures Across America

Best Outdoor Adventures Across America (7)

Totes Newsworthy offers these great suggestions The U.S.A. has a slew of exciting outdoor escapades that any travel enthusiast will enjoy. Form natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and rugged mountains to human-made experiences like rollercoaster rides and extreme sports, there is enough to go all year round. It is …

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