Top 3 Pro Tips on Avoiding Becoming a Victim of Cyber-crime

Stream binary matrix code on screen

Unless you fall victim to a critical, life-altering cybercrime event, the seriousness of such a thing is difficult to fathom. Survivors of violent crimes commonly say things like, “I’ve seen things like this happen to people on television, but I never imagined it would happen to me.” Everyone at some …

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A Romantic Cabos San Lucas Resort For The Ages

rock arch of Cabo San Lucas resort town

If finding a romantic Cabos San Lucas resort is what you are searching for, then your search is over. Whether you are a couple who prefers resting and relaxing or experiencing adventuresome sports, look no further. Hacienda Encantada has you covered. Romance is in the air and you want to …

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Get a New View of Vacations at Vista Encantada

room with ocean view

An all-new vacation experience awaits travelers in Los Cabos, Mexico. The new suites at Vista Encantada Spa Resort and Residences will create unforgettable memories in a luxurious setting with spectacular views and amenities. Vista Encantada has 37 opulent suites, perched overlooking the iconic rock formations of Land’s End, the tip …

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When Your Facebook Gets Hacked, How to Prevent It

protecting personal data on facebook is crucial

TotesNewsworthy Exclusive Tips for Avoiding your Facebook Getting Hacked. In April of this year, The Guardian reported that Facebook quietly admitted that it had stored millions of unencrypted passwords in plain text online. Since its admission, the social media giant seems to be on a less than successful deflection campaign. …

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Vacation Store Aruba has all the Options to make a Great Vacation

Aruba is a year round tourist and cruise ship destination.

Vacation Store Aruba Recommends a Trip to the Caribbean explains that this is one of the many destinations in the Caribbean island chain that offers a beautiful holiday in the warm sun and sand. The island is small and quaint, with amazing pristine sandy beaches and fabulous weather all through …

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