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Top Makeup Tips 2019

Top Make Up Tips 2019 (1)

2019 Makeup Tips For 2019. There will be several makeup trends. Some are a twist on some old favorites. We have the comeback of glitter. Glitter on the eyelids, on the lips and the cheekbones as a highlight. To achieve proper balance with this look, choose just one area and …

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What are the Top Fashion Accessories of 2018?

What are the Top Fashion Accessories of 2018 (1)

While some accessories are frivolous and others are necessary, how you choose to accessorize says a lot about you. It is critically important to get the accessories that best accompany your clothes to create a fantastic outfit. Everyone wants to show up in the perfect outfit, neither too eccentric nor …

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Why you should not wear nail polish all the time?

why you should not wear nail polish all the time

Yes, nail polish is something that any woman we love, because apart from give a special touch to our look, it also makes our hands to look super nice; however, how good it is to have them always painted? the truth is that we believe it is not as convenient; …

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10 foods to grow hair this summer

foods for hair growth

Summer is here! And it’s important to supplement your diet during these months (when it’s especially dry and hot outside) to maintain fresh hair. That’s why we share the following 10 foods to grow hair: It’s a good idea to take a break from your typical hair regimen and products once …

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