Yellowstone With Kevin Costner Shatters Ratings

Yellowstone With Kevin Costner Shatters Ratings say TotesNewsworthy

If you get the chance to watch Kevin Costner star if anything, it’s usually a safe bet. You know you are going to get a decent show or movie, with a good story and at least one great actor. Well, Yellowstone doesn’t fall into this category. That would be an insult to the show, and the rest of the ensemble. This show is phenomenal, the cinematography, the story, the acting, the subtle humor, and the riveting plotline manages to hook the watcher almost immediately. Going in, this show had high expectations; with a cast this talented, the show HAS to be good. But it wasn’t just right, it was on a whole other level. It’s no wonder that it’s been renewed for a third and fourth season already, with more likely on the way so long as the show continues on its upward trend.


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What is Yellowstone about?

Yellowstone follows the life of John Dutton and his family. Dutton is the owner of a massive swath of land that covers a tremendous amount of area. He is an inherently corrupt and severe man who is continually trying to outmaneuver his opposition. His opposition being rival ranch owners, townships trying to infringe on his land, and of course, the show’s namesake – Yellowstone National Park. The park has only just begun the process of becoming a national park with the timeline of the show. As a drama, you can expect a fair amount of tense situations and convoluted schemes. But this show takes that to another level. It’s hard to put into words just how talented this show is without giving too much away. I would highly recommend watching this show to just about anyone.


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Where does the show excel:

The show is highly dramatic and keeps you on edge at all times. Where the show excels overall is also where it arguably falls short in the first season. A show this complex needs a lot of time to properly set up plot lines and give characters an interesting and engaging background. The first season of the show is beautifully filmed, as they all are, but can be a little difficult to follow. The plot lines don’t quite combine clearly enough to follow casually, which is probably why this show is so engaging. It needs to be. Season 2 is where the show hits its stride and pushes through into a league of its own. Costner has a huge hand in writing and cast selection, so the whole show flows beautifully around him, he sets the pace for the rest of the cast and expects them to follow, which is NOT an easy task. But they did so phenomenally. I would highly suggest going into this show blind, with no prior reading of what the show entails. Just know you won’t be disappointed.


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