Want to Make your own Healthy Dog Food?

Want to Make your own Healthy Dog Food?

If you are here, I am guessing you want to learn how and why you should be making healthy dog food. There are tons of great benefits to making the food yourself, even if it might be cheaper and easier to buy discount food. There is a little more work required in making the food yourself from scratch, but not much.

Many things you cook for yourself can also be cooked for your dog. There are some foods you can eat that will make your dog ill. But not many. By the end of this article, you will almost be an expert on dog nutrition and diet. Many people are afraid to start making healthy dog food themself. Don’t be! It truly isn’t that hard, and besides, its pretty fun.

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What are the benefits of making healthy dog food yourself?

There are so many great benefits of making healthy dog food yourself. The benefits far outweigh the cost of having to buy the ingredients and the time it takes to make the food finally. Here are some of the biggest benefits of making healthy dog food yourself:


It may sound obvious, but making healthy dog food yourself is healthier than buying canned goods. The reason is that there are no preservatives in the food. You can also ensure that you are hitting all of their dietary requirements. Most dog food, especially biscuits and other dry food, is mostly carbohydrates. Dogs don’t need that many carbohydrates; they mostly need protein and a little fat. They use carbs because they are cheap and filling. They bulk out the food without providing much nutritional benefit at all.


Making dog food is fun! Cooking for your furry friend is not only satisfying but truly enjoyable. It feels good to do a nice thing for your dog. Besides, cooking is fun anyway. Dogs are not picky eaters. You don’t have to worry about seasoning (don’t season their food). You just need to ensure that it is safe to eat. If you boil your dog a chicken breast for dinner and give them a roasted carrot (No salt, no oil, no butter, no herbs or spices), you will blow your dog’s mind. They will be over the moon about a dinner that we might perhaps find boring and bland. Dogs make great dinner guests.

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