Mothers Day Gifts During Social Distancing

Mothers day gifts during social distancing. Mothers Day is upon us once again. A time to think about the women who raised us and taught us everything we know.

Mothers day is an excellent opportunity to show your mom just how much you love her and how much you appreciate her. Now, more than ever, reminding her just how important she is will mean the world to her.

After all, given the Covid situation, chances are you haven’t seen her in quite a while, nor will you any time soon. This might even be the first Mothers’ day you haven’t made an effort to go over and visit her. This article has a few cool suggestions for gift ideas that you might want to consider giving your mom this year, gifts that can make social distancing a little easier.

Mothers Day Gifts During Social Distancing

Skin cream and dry flowers, leaves. Mothers day

Something nice to nibble on to lift her spirits might be one of the best types of gifts to give this year. Chocolates, candies, cookies, any kind of sweet treat that she might not otherwise buy herself. Getting something delicious like gourmet chocolates is a nice way of showing her you’re thinking of her. We are all getting a little bored of being stuck at home and eating the same meals on repeat; this is something a little different to help break the monotony of social distancing. And, it saves her from going to the store to buy chocolates herself.


Mothers Day Gifts During Social Distancing

Spa treatments are always a winner. Sending mom away for a day of pampering is a great gift idea. Except, you cant. A trip to the day spa might sound wonderful, but it would be putting your mom at risk if there were any spa places open in the first place!

Instead, why not buy her some spa treatments she can use at home?

  • Some Facemasks
  • Bath Bombs
  • Some Nice Lotions and Candles

A candle in a glass with flowers scattered around, Mothers day gift

It can help her transform her home into her very own spa, without putting her at risk. There are so many great spa treatments you can do at home yourself, so long as you have somebody willing to buy you all the necessities. That somebody could be you!

black facial peel off mask.

Mothers Day Gifts During Social Distancing

Quarantine is boring. Its dull, monotonous, and outright frustrating. Buying your mom a gift that can help distract her from this as much as possible is such a good idea. For example, a box set of her favorite Tv show or movies. Perhaps buying her the albums of her famous musicians. And, with today’s modern technology, you can virtually gift these to her. It is quick and convenient to do this for both of you. Getting mail delivered should be fine, but it does still carry some risks. Getting a virtual gift is risk-free!

Since quarantine is so dull, it has led a lot of people to find the time to curl up on the couch or in bed and dig into a good book. With a nice glass of wine, of course. Why not buy some nice bottles of wine to send to your mom on mother’s day. You could even pair the wine with a book you think she might like the look of.

Hand sommelier holding glass of red wine. Mothers day gift

Even if she isn’t a fan of reading, wine is almost always a winner. You could even buy yourself some matching bottles and have a Facetime wine tasting day together. Since you sadly won’t be able to see her face to face any other way.

Lastly, one of the best gifts you can give your mom is distancing yourself. Your mom is likely much, much, more vulnerable than you are. It may seem upsetting and frustrating that you can’t be together on what should be her day, but it is for her good. If we all continue to stick to these quarantine social distancing rules for just a little bit longer, we will all be able to go back to normal.

So, stay away! Find other ways to contact her on the day. A phone call is excellent; a text or a social media message is nice too; best of all, though, using a video chat service like Facetime, Zoom, or Skype is a great way to almost feel like you are in the room together. Almost.


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