Which Frozen Foods Are Healthiest?

Which frozen foods are healthiest? Everyone has those days when things get so busy and stressed that you simply don’t have the time or the desire to cook a well-balanced and healthy dinner for the family. Busy people often opt to pick up something from a drive-thru or take-out restaurant, but no matter how much the kids may enjoy the happy meals, we all know that fast food options are not generally very healthy for your family.


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Which Frozen Foods Are Healthiest?


So, for busy moms and dads and even singles who do not want the hassle of cooking for one, the frozen food section of the grocery store has become a popular choice for quick and easy meals. However, just like in every other aisle of the grocery store, taking a look at the ingredients lists of pre-made, processed, or frozen foods is the simplest way of determining the healthiest options for you or your family.

One simple rule of thumb, the fewer ingredients listed on the label, the better. And you should also take a closer look to determine natural ingredients versus fillers, preservatives, and even chemicals added for color or shelf life. To pick the healthiest choices from the frozen food section, you will want to avoid ingredients like food dyes, MSG, artificial flavors, and preservatives. And surprisingly, the term “natural flavors” isn’t any healthier than artificial flavors as they are glutamate by-products, which is just a fancy term for MSG.

These compounds are called excitotoxins, and they are proven to be harmful chemicals that trick our brain into overeating while at the same time creating addiction, so they have been directly linked to the growing amount of obesity in the US. But that’s not all; they have also been linked to neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, retinal damage, brain lesions, chronic pain, and migraines. So when looking at the ingredients of your next frozen meal, if you see the word natural or artificial flavors, you may want to put it back on the shelf.


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Knowing what to look for in the ingredients section is critical to making healthy food choices. Look for the fewest items on the list of ingredients, including understandable words, and opt for organic ingredients as much as possible, especially when it comes to grains or grain-feed meat and poultry. Here are a few of the name brands that are easily found in most grocery stores that have currently strive to have the fewest and cleanest ingredients.

Healthy Frozen Food Brands:

Amy’s Kitchen is one of the pioneers in mass-produced vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food options that taste great. Amy’s brand prides itself on using organic ingredients in everything from pizzas and veggie bakes to bite-sized snacks and Mac and cheese.

Canyon Bakehouse glutenfree bread is hands down the best option for the healthiest bread option in your grocery store. With an entire line of loaves of bread and buns that are entirely gluten-free, look for them in the frozen food aisle as they do not contain any harmful preservatives.

Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods is an excellent choice for meat-free and plant protein-based meals. This brand offers everything from veggie burgers to meatless chicken meals and plenty of healthy vegetable items. These quick, easy, and healthy meal options are designed to please family members of all ages.

When it comes to choosing the best and healthiest meals for you or your family, taking the time to read and understand the ingredients in pre-packaged foods is critical. Take the time to learn the names of harmful ingredients and avoid them. Learn why using organic ingredients are so much better for your health. Once you train yourself what to look for and what to avoid, finding the healthiest options at the grocery store becomes not only easier, but a habit you will want to share with everyone.

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