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If You Love Your Dog, Don’t Feed Them These Treats

TotesNewsworthy asks that all animal lovers share this with your friends, so they understand what is in some of the food and dog treats we give our furry family. You don’t want to shorten your loved one’s lifespan. At TotesNewsworthy, our furry family is our loved ones.

Please Share Important Pet Safety

If you love your dog, there is a good chance that you try to mix up their diet as much as possible. Whether that is giving them something new and exciting for dinner now and again or by finding new and exciting treats to give them occasionally. There are so many unique and exciting dog treats on the market that you may be tempted to buy your furry friend. This is great! Dogs are indeed a blessing, and they deserve lots of treats and lots of love. If you do love your dog, you need to ensure you are doing enough research into what dog treats they shouldn’t be eating. Dangerous dog food is one of the biggest causes of canine deaths in the United States. This article is going to help you understand what treats are unsafe for your dog and why.

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What do Dangerous Dog Treats have in Common?

Pretty much every country in the world produces some kind of dog treats. This means every country will have a few brands that are not quite as safe as their advertising would make you believe. That being said, there is one country you should avoid buying your dog treats from as much as possible. That country is China. And no, it’s not because of the coronavirus (that is something to consider though). China has VERY loose safety standards when it comes to almost everything they produce. The testing and hygiene standards are minimal at best for many of these companies. This means you cannot be sure that the treats you are buying are safe for dogs. You cant even be sure what is IN the treats.

This isn’t to say that every Chinese company does this. Of course, many of them are great companies driven by their love of dogs. There are just so many that are not honest companies. China has a very poor human rights record, so what makes you think they would care about dog rights? Don’t feel bad for avoiding buying Chinese dog treats. This isn’t racist or prejudiced; this is just making an informed decision after hearing the facts. These companies produce a subpar and often dangerous product.

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What Are Some Treats That You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog?

Not all of the treats in this list are products designed and manufactured by Chinese companies. Most of them are, but not all. Milkbones, for example, are not Chinese made, but they are still dangerous and should be avoided. Even if you have been using one of (or all of) these products and have yet to have a problem, it is still a good idea to give them a miss from now on. Here are some dog treats that are dangerous to your furry friend:

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