Read This Before Feeding these Things to Your Dog

Read This Before Feeding these Things to Your Dog

You may think you are kind by giving your little furbaby a treat. Which you might be, but chances are you might also be making them sick. Dogs have sensitive stomachs. This may sound silly; after all, dogs eat raw meat, how they can have sensitive stomachs? The reason being is that they don’t have the same gut bacteria and enzymes that we do. Food that’s good for you, or edible for humans, does not mean it will be the same for dogs. This short article is going to cover some common household foods that you should ensure you NEVER give your pup.


Chocolate may be delicious for people, but it is terrible for dogs. There are properties in the chocolate that can be highly toxic to dogs. If you feel the strong desire to give your dog chocolate, it is a good idea to buy them dog chocolate. It is a little more expensive, but that is the cost of not killing your dog.


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Fatty Meat:

Dogs love fatty meats. Sadly, fatty meats don’t love them. Fatty meats can cause pancreatitis in dogs that can even result in death. It can cause your dog to get very sick and bloated. Lean meats are far better for your dog. Cooked chicken is best. It is high in protein, low in fat and salt.


Slice of fresh lard with meat and pee

Salty Food:

That leads me to the next section. Salt is terrible for dogs; it can damage their organs and cause them to become severely dehydrated. Worst of all, salt can lead to a condition called sodium iodine poisoning. If you are planning on cooking a meal for your dog, its best not to season it. They won’t mind, I can assure you.


 Sea Salt

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