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Which Oils Are Healthiest to of all to Cook With

There are a variety of different cooking oils you can use when preparing food. However, many people don’t know how dramatically these oils differ in terms of their health benefits. Just as these oils differ in how healthy they are, they are also very different in the types of cooking they are most effective with. Frying, baking, sautéing, and searing all represent different methods of cooking which require different oils. Here are some of the different types of oils, and what manner of cooking they are most effective with.

Avocado Oil

Out of all the oils which can be used for cooking, avocado oil is absolutely the best. Avocado oil has a low amount of saturated fat but still has the healthy monounsaturated fats the body needs, making it the best fat for the body. Also, it is not chemically processed like other oils. The only negative to avocado oil is it is a little expensive. However, the health benefits make up for the higher price. This can be used for all different types of cooking and should be used if possible.

Avocado oil

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