How to Increase Book Sales on Amazon Secret Tips

How to Increase Book Sales on Amazon is the question most self-publishers on Amazon are asking.

Amazon is the largest online seller of books. However, there are lots of things you should do to put your book in front of buyers. Generally, Amazon uses keywords, genres, and reviews to optimize products. If you’re not careful, your book can easily get lost in the crowd.

How to Increase Book Sales on Amazon Secret Tips

Do you have an eBook that doesn’t sell as you’d expect? Part of the struggle is learning how to promote the book. The steps you take could mean the difference between your book being the best-seller on Amazon or being buried in online bookstores. Here are a few tips on how to increase book sales on Amazon.

#1 Improve visibility on search results

When customers search for a book, they type the keywords, title, and author. Since Amazon uses an algorithm to decide the products on display, the popularity of your book will depend on the keywords you use.

#2 Enhance your book descriptions

Once you get to the Amazon website, your book should appear under the editorial reviews heading. You can even post a marketing copy, quotes, testimonials, and one-paragraph author. To post the book in this section, you fill a form where the magic happens. The information you give is supposed to replace the existing text.

The description you give will educate amazon on what your book is all about. That said, you should make the reader yearn for more by simply looking at the description. Perhaps, you can use a gripping scene in the book to write provocative questions.

#3 Change your book categories

When you post your book on Amazon, you should choose a genre that suits the title best. If you use a broad category, your book could get lost among thousands of others. The idea is to narrow it down to other competing titles.

#4 Update your profile

If you want to update your profile, you should click the tab on the upper left corner of the Amazon website. You could edit your name, address, or bio on this section. And every time you participate in discussions, you can add a descriptive signature like `author of selling dummies’ or `author of romantic expense.’ This page gives valuable information for readers to follow.

How to increase book sales on Amazon by editing profile

How to Increase Book Sales on Amazon Secret Tips

How to increase book sales on Amazon by editing profile

#5 Add a professional author photo

A professional photo shows the reader you’re serious about the business of writing. While a professional photographer may be expensive – the efforts will pay in the long run.

#6 Feed to your blog posts

If you run a blog, you can sync it up with the author’s page. That way, your readers will discover what you have to offer on amazon.

#7 Get reviews

A review gives the reader confidence to keep reading and is an integral part of the algorithm. Amazon will focus on the number of reviews as opposed to the average rating.

How to increase kindle E-Book sales on Amazon with reviews

#1 Ask the readers to leave reviews

Once your book is out, you can ask the readers to leave a comment. You can even give a link where the reader can leave a review.

#2 Advance reader copy

If you want to make the most from the reviews, you should use the advance reader copy strategy. ARC is the copy you give to the readers before the book is published. This helps you line up reviews that can be posted on Amazon. So, you don’t have to wait for days or months to get positive reviews.

How to increase kindle E-Book sales on Amazon with reviews

How to Increase Book Sales on Amazon

Release a Kindle edition

One way you can increase your revenue on Amazon is by publishing Kindle books. If your book is pretty long, you can break the text into different sections.

How to use Amazon Associates

#1 Use amazon associates

One can create links to add to the Amazon website. You earn commissions when someone purchases a product or clicks on the link. It’s a way to earn extra revenue that you get over and above your sales.

#2 Drive sales and downloads of the book

The last step when selling a book on Amazon is generating data inputs for downloads and sales rank. But for this to happen, you have to promote the book. Some of the strategies you can use are:

Apple and Amazon A Tale of Two Stock Market Giants (1)

How to Increase Book Sales on Amazon Secret Tips

#3 Make your books appear on the top charts.

When a book is downloaded many times on amazon, it shows on the best-seller chart. After it ranks here, you’ll get plenty of readers.

#4 Make sure the book shows on also-bought

When you promote your book well, it will appear on other book pages. The algorithm won’t recognize your title if you don’t have enough readers browsing your page.

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