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Who’s Watching You? Amazon Ring Devices Are Being Hacked?

Isn’t it wonderful to live in an era where nearly everything and everyone is connected? But sometimes being so connected forces us to ask ourselves once in a while: are you being watched? With the number of cases involving people Hacking into Ring accounts growing, more people are beginning to wonder if connected devices like the Amazon Ring are safe to use.

Whether it be smart LED light bulbs or Smart mirrors for our bathroom, you name it, and you’re likely to find a “smart” version of it for sale on Amazon or eBay. If you Google something and there isn’t yet a smart version of it available, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be one shortly. We even have smart diapers that were first launched by Pampers in the Fall of 2019.

Ring doorbell is manufactured by Ring Inc.

However, for every smart device that enters the market, there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of hackers looking to exploit our smart devices—hackers who seem to be much smarter than those using all of these smart devices.

Of course, most consumers seem not to second guess the security of smart devices sold by large brands such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and others; but it might be a pretty good idea for you to start with the second-guessing if you haven’t already.

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