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Foods That Can Kill My Cat?

TotesNewsworthy Special Report on Foods That Can Kill Cats

Cats make fantastic pets and are your furry family being more than just a pet, having such a unique and exciting furry family member living alongside you is such a relaxed feeling. Sometimes, it’s nice to treat your cat with real food, not just store-bought cat food. This is great, giving your cat some cleaner and healthier food is terrific for their immune system and their happiness. But not all foods are suitable for your cat. Some foods can even be toxic to your cat; without knowing what to avoid, you may accidentally end up poisoning your feline friend.

These 12 Foods are Fine for People but Completely Toxic to Cats:



Onions contain a property called sulfoxides. These are fine for people, but for your cat are deadly. They break down their red blood cells, potentially causing severe anemia or gastrointestinal issues. All forms of onion are toxic: raw onion, cooked onion, or powdered onion. If a product has any onion in it, it isn’t suitable for your cat. Many people like to give their cats a bit of pizza as a treat. This likely contains onion in the sauce.



Garlic, like onion, contains these sulfoxides. Garlic is excellent for people and delicious but terrible for your cat. Just like onions, garlic can cause problems with your cat’s blood and make them lethargic and sleepy. If you think your cat has eaten garlic, you may want to call the vet. Keep garlic away from your cat.




Raw Eggs:

Raw eggs are bad for your cat just as they are for you. If you are in the US, your eggs have a very high chance of having salmonella. Salmonella, or food poisoning, is horrible for you. It can be just as horrific for your cat. Salmonella likely won’t lead to death in people, but it can do for your cat. They are much smaller and weaker.


Fresh Eggs


Alcohol is not for cats! If you want your cat to feel “drunk,” buy it some catnip. Alcohol is potent for anyone; for a tiny cat, it can be overpowering. You wouldn’t give alcohol to a baby, don’t give it to your cat. Your cat won’t like feeling drunk, and it could easily lead to alcohol poisoning.



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