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What are Harmful Foods that are Highly Addictive

There are certain foods we all love to eat, and the fact is they taste good.

The question is are they harmful and addictive? Also, what about the unhealthiness of the food? When we eat certain foods are hurting ourselves or shortening our lifespan for some quick fix enjoyment.

Industrial chemicals in food

That fact is many foods out there for sale are filled with known carcinogens, that if you eat them daily, it may shorten your life? This can also cause early cancer. If you lived between the  earlier years before we had massively processed with food dyes and other nasty stuff that you would never give to your pet, yet you would never think twice about eating this food as a human. Let’s face it who wants to eat food that can cause us to may have a shorter lifespan.

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Chocolate seems to have the same effects of junk food. In the book “Food Seduction,” author, Dr. Neal Barnard explains that chocolate stimulates the same part of the brain like drugs. Also, chocolate contains certain ingredients that are stimulants, such as caffeine, theobromine, which is extracted from cocoa and is also used in certain medicines-and-a phenylethylamine aromatic amine, similar to amphetamine.

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