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Please read all our guidelines on how to submit a guest post before you write for us!

Write for Us General Guest Posts

In the post Write for Us General Guest Post, we detailed the critical requirements for contributing writings to the TotesNewsworthy team.

Do you want to write a guest blog? People from all over the world are paying more attention to guest post content. Our TotesNewsworthy team welcomes you if you’re a writer who aspires to be a published author and has relevant expertise to impart to our readers. Consequently, the articles in Write for Us General Guest Post will undoubtedly be valuable resources for our readers, and we anticipate that the writers will also contribute to the articles.

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Guidelines for Writing for Us

Here are some applicable SEO guidelines for “Write for Us” and general information

TotesNewsworthy is a popular news portal that promises quality content and reviews. Many people have benefited from our reviews and material. Our General + Write for Us article also raises people’s awareness.

As a team of professional writers, we are dedicated to using our expertise to deliver quality articles, and seeing our happy clients motivates us to produce more authentic content;

  • The business world
  • How to tips
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • News from around the world
  • Details about your personality
  • Suggestions for gaming and shopping
  • Website and product reviews
  • Tips for Business
  • Tips for staying healthy

Write for Us: Essentials

As we have provided the general topics, individuals from many sectors may contribute. However, participants should refrain from suggesting new themes. Instead, they should choose alternate and creative, educational, and engaging pieces.

Please select a genre for your “Write for Us “+General. Any genre is acceptable.

Freshmen are also encouraged to write, but they must adhere to our rules in adding to their unique writing style.

This opportunity has no specific educational requirements, so anyone interested can apply.

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Here are some general example topics that you can write about for us.

The topics must be discussed in a unique, imaginative, and beneficial way. Below are some examples of general guest blog topics.

  • Best kitchen hacks
  • Twenty-first-century health concerns;
  • Mental health advice;
  • In the “Write for Us” + “General” posts, guest post authors may choose a famous person to discuss their successful path, life lessons, etc.
  • Case studies that inspire;
  • Profitable concepts;
  • Opportunities for working from home
  • Analyses of sports that are entertaining;
  • Because choosing the correct heading is very important, remember to make the right choice.

Guidelines for Writing for Us

Guest posts can range from 500 to 1000 words depending on their subject matter.

We ask authors only to submit original work since all forms of piracy are prohibited.

All graphics and pictures must show attribution, or we can provide $10.00 per Image. We do not accept images we can not prove to be royalty-free.

Writers must provide a picture of their plagiarism percentage in the document.

The sentences in general articles should be grammatically correct.

Articles should have no disrespectful language, unfounded assumptions, or mature topics.

The information in articles should be thoroughly researched and should be distinct.

Guest bloggers must include all the necessary information.

Here are some applicable SEO guidelines for “Write for Us” and general information

Writers should avoid stuffing their content with irrelevant words just because they’re popular online while using SEO strategies.

Keyword density must be upheld, and keywords must be highlighted.

Spam should not exceed 3%.

After guest post articles have reached 70%, internal and external links must be included.

What makes a Website Neighborhood “bad”?

Links that lead to bad parts of the web (pills, porn, and casinos). If your website links to another site that contains links like these, remove yourself. We won’t post them.

The number of external links on a piece of content is limited to one. A post on the site with too many external links is considered to be in a bad neighborhood. This also applies to links to sites that have nothing to do with the original website’s content.

Content with spam contains unnecessary comments or unrelated content that does not add value to the site.

Weak or inaccurate content can place it in a bad neighborhood for links. Grammar and spelling errors tend to appear further down the search results list, so they are also associated with bad neighborhoods. Again we will reject your post.

“Write for Us” – Privileges

Each writer is valued by the TotesNewsworthy team.

In addition to great monthly imprints and web rankings, we have a friendly and knowledgeable team who will assist writers with editorial and title recommendations.

Guidelines for submitting general “Write for Us” submissions

We encourage authors to send all completed work to [email protected]. Additionally, authors can use this editing team’s email address for ambiguous clarifications. They will respond within 48 hours.

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