Easy Foods To Pack While on a Camping Trip

Getting out and exploring the wilderness with friends and family is a great way to let loose and forget about your stress for a while. Among many preparations for such trips, finding easy foods to pack while on a camping trip becomes a big priority. The easier it is to store and carry them, the less you have to worry about anything spoiling before you need it. These are a few suggestions to consider.

Easy Foods To Pack While on a Camping Trip List

Trail Mix

When hiking mountain trails or working up a sweat after setting up camp, trail mix combines the perfect foods to eat after similar activities. Nuts are a great source of protein to help your body rest, while dried fruit is good for keeping up your energy. Your body is sure to thank you when it can quickly recover from the fatigue of physical activities.

Easy Foods To Pack While on a Camping Trip 2

Easy Foods To Pack While on a Camping Trip


Dried Meat

For those with a more savory palate, dried meat such as jerky is great to snack on without worrying about how you store it. Jerky is also great for retaining hydration in your body. As you ingest more salt, your body is more likely to hold on to it to maintain the proper levels.

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Easy Foods To Pack While on a Camping Trip

Canned Foods

Assuming you have access to a fire and a clean pan, canned foods are sure to make your camping meals easier. Since they are sealed, it is unlikely for these meals to get contaminated, and they ensure you have something full of flavor that’s ready to eat. Traditionalists might scoff at using canned food on a camping trip, but the ease of use and lack of prep means a lot after an exhausting day of activities.

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Easy Foods To Pack While on a Camping Trip



Honey is a perfect alternative to sugar that naturally preserves itself without needing much help. There are several good reasons to consume more honey that put it above sugar. Needing less of it to get the same level of sweetness is great for campers with a sweet tooth. Enjoying some of nature’s bounty while living in nature itself is a great way to indulge yourself and appreciate where your honey comes from simultaneously.

Camping is a fun event to plan but requires proper preparation to ensure everything goes smoothly. Hopefully, by considering a few of these easy foods to pack while on a camping trip, you can reduce the burden by a little bit. Enjoy your next trip as you surround yourself with wildlife and its beauty.

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