The Most Unusual Pets You Can Safely Own

The most unusual pets you can safely own. Who doesn’t love animals? Pet-lovers across the world are always itching to find their next furry, feathery, or scaly family member. Cats and dogs are great companions, but they’re not your only options. Of course, some animals you should only admire in the wild or nature reserves. However, some unique and fascinating creatures are perfectly safe and happy to live in your own home.

Here are four of the most unusual pets you can safely own.

Sugar Gliders

Few pets are cuter than sugar gliders. These marsupials are extremely social, making them great pets for anyone who has the time to interact with them regularly. You should also keep them in pairs since lone sugar gliders get lonely. It’s important to remember that sugar gliders are nocturnal, so be prepared for a lot of nighttime activity from your new pet. However, their playful, friendly nature makes them great options for families looking for active companions.


Rats aren’t uncommon pets, but their negative reputation makes one of the most unusual pets you can safely own. Many people shy away from the idea of willingly keeping them around, but these creatures are extremely social, curious, and clever. Like sugar gliders, rats need a fair amount of attention. You should also buy them in groups of two or more so that they always have a companion to hang out with. Rats also require a lot of exercise, so make sure you can let them spend time out of their cage to stay active.


Chickens are livestock, not pets—right? The truth is they work great as both. Many cities ban roosters for their noise, but hens are usually fine to keep. Chickens have big personalities. You can spend many hours just watching a flock peck around. Buying chickens and all the coop essentials has a few startup costs, but these birds are surprisingly low-maintenance. Plus, if you want to get into farming, fresh eggs are a great way to start.

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Bearded Dragons

Did you ever dream of owning your own dragon as a kid? Bearded dragons might not breathe fire or hoard gold, but they’re still pretty awesome. Properly taking care of these reptiles requires a large tank, reptile lights, and a fair amount of other special equipment. However, they’re social, docile creatures, making them relatively easy to care for, even for amateur reptile owners. Bearded dragons live around six to 10 years, making them a great addition to your family for years to come.

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