What Food Shortages to Expect for Winter 2021

Food shortages to expect for winter 2021. Over the past two years, consumers worldwide have unfortunately had the shared experience of dealing with food and supply shortages. Everyone remembers the early days of the pandemic when shoppers would line up outside grocery stores for a chance to buy toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. Two years later, significant disruptions in supply chains and extreme weather situations are heavily impacting an already strained delivery system.

Food Shortages to Expect for Winter 2021

Experts agree that consumers at the wholesale and retail levels can expect shortages this winter on a wide range of products, including electronics, vehicles, clothing, furniture, and food. While the reasons for the scarcity range from scarcity of materials to skyrocketing transportation costs to severe lack of employees, the result is a one-two punch for consumers.

Food Shortages

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, the overall food price has increased 3.4% in one year, but meat is up 5.9%, milk is over 6% more expensive, and both are still climbing. Oat milk or almond milk are excellent choices to have in the pantry as they are shelf stable for more extended periods and do not need refrigeration for storage.

American and Canadian news outlets frequently discuss the two reasons behind the price increases, supply chain disruptions and inflation, which often prompt consumers to stock up on the items that may have been previously unavailable in the early days of the pandemic, such as meat. Other things that disappeared quickly included dry noodles and sauces, cleaning supplies, and paper products of all types. These would be intelligent choices to stock up on now before winter storms or further supply chain issues result in empty shelves.

food shortage 2021

Food Shortages to Expect for Winter 2021

The Winter of 2021 will also bring new shortages or severe price increases, some of which may come as a surprise to many consumers. For example, the price of coffee, both at your local Starbuck and in your kitchen, is expected to see dramatic price increases primarily due to unexpected freezes and snowfall in Brazil that decimated coffee bean crops this past year. Canned food such as tuna, meat, and vegetables are popular winter pantry items; however, with the cost of aluminum on the rise, the cost of packaging is driving its rising prices.

Food Shortages to Expect for Winter 2021

With Christmas just a few months away, other shortages expected to impact the holiday shopping season will also be felt in consumer’s wallets. Furniture prices have already risen almost 9%, jewelry is over 10% higher, and major appliances prices are up more than 12%. And since the ever-growing chip shortage has no end in sight, vehicles and electronic gear, including computers, TVs, and smartphones, may not even be available for delivery by Christmas. That is why most retail experts advise consumers interested in these items to purchase no later than the end of October if you want to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

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