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Food Shortages and Lack of Supplies Expected for Winter 2021

Food Shortages and Lack of Supplies Expected for Winter 2021 and people are getting nervous.

Everyone is questioning what to expect for this holiday season, considering all the pressures worldwide economies have been experiencing. Supply chain shortages, a lack of port workers and truck drivers, and the apparent hits to China manufacturing are all coming together in what experts call a perfect storm for worldwide shortages throughout the upcoming winter. Like many aspects of economics, shortages breed more shortages.

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Food Shortages and Lack of Supplies Expected for Winter 2021

Many consumers across the globe have already experienced empty shelves when visiting grocery and supply stores over the past few years. And the same story seems to play out over and over again. When stores don’t have stock of what you want when you want it, consumers hoard what they want for later use. That action, in turn, causes more shortages.

According to many supply chain experts, there are more than a few items savvy consumers should choose to stock up on now before further supply chain issues, steep price increases, or winter storms occur. For example, Costco, the well-known box store favored by North Americans, has already warned its members that their supply of toilet paper may not meet demand in the upcoming months. Although not announced as of yet, the announcement included the possibility of limited quantity restrictions being reinstated.

Food Shortages and Lack of Supplies Expected for Winter 2021

As has been proven many times before, when one essential personal care item becomes difficult to obtain, many others follow. For example, during the beginning and the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were not only waiting in long lines for toilet paper. Paper towels, tissues, bleach, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizers were not only tough to find but also more expensive than they had ever been before.

Other supplies of concern for the upcoming winter include almost anything electronic that includes smart chips. Suppose TVs, laptops, kitchen appliances, or a new vehicle is on your Christmas wish list. In that case, most experts are recommended purchasing in before the end of October as bottlenecks in the supply chain will make December purchases virtually impossible to be delivered by Christmas Day.

Food Shortages and Lack of Supplies Expected for Winter 202

Food Shortages and Lack of Supplies Expected for Winter 2021

The same is true for many of the most sought-after toys for Christmas 2021

Although many consumers may find it challenging to plan and purchase Christmas gifts for their children before they have Halloween costumes, playing the waiting game is a losing proposition. A growing segment of market watchers is currently stocking up on the most desired toys while they are available in stores and online, only to wait and sell them at triple or much higher prices as the holidays approach. They are simply taking advantage of the potential to make an easy profit off of those who failed to plan in advance.


Food Shortages and Lack of Supplies Expected for Winter 2021

Consumers waiting to make holiday purchases for other big-ticket items will also see scarcity or steep price increases. For example, pricing in the home furnishings, furniture, and jewelry sectors has already seen over a 10% increase in the last eighteen months. Most experts only expect them to continue to rise at a rate much higher than inflation.

Consumers who want to save as much as possible this holiday season without disappointing anyone should see that the answer is to buy what you want now. This answer is especially true when it comes to specialty gifts, electronics, and toys. As one person stated so eloquently, “With everything that’s happened in the last two years, the last thing I need this year is to have my kids be disappointed by Santa.”

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