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Chicken Shortages in the USA? What Does This Mean?

Chicken shortages in the USA? Many outlets in the USA are struggling to meet the demand for fried chicken. McDonald Corp and Yum Brands Inc. were the first to report the shortage.

Also, KFC told Bloomberg that there was a general tightening of chicken supply – the main challenge was keeping up with the demand. Experts have cited that the need for the chicken sandwich is a result of the tight supply. Here is everything you should know about chicken shortages in the USA.

Chicken Shortages in the USA? What Does This Mean?

What Caused the Chicken Shortage?

What Caused the Chicken Shortage?

Experts have cited a couple of reasons behind the shortage. One key contributor is the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the Washington Post, the increased demand for takeout delivery has caused the cravings for comfort food.

In an interview, the CEO of Pilgrim’s Pride Inc. highlighted that the biggest challenge they face now is labor. Being the second biggest chicken producer in the US, the company hopes to pay $40 million to retain the workers.

Other reports suggest that workers had to deal with life-threatening conditions during the pandemic. As the nation craves more food, most restaurants limit chicken wings and add additional options to their menu.

Winter Storms Effect Chicken Shortages in the USA?

It’s also believed that the heavy winter bites took a toll on the supply of food. This affected the major producing regions like Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana – the largest chicken producing regions.

Since then, restaurants have not been able to meet the enormous demand. The National Spokesman is tamping down chicken supply and is somewhat tight. Chicken producers are also doing everything to overcome the challenge.

According to the US producers of agriculture, chickens slaughtered in the first quarter of 2021 went down by 4%. Then, there was an increase in demand in April. But this was an increase compared to the same period last year.

Raw chicken fillet

Chicken wings hold well during travel and are aligned with consumer desire during the pandemic. It’s clear that chicken tenders are doing everything to meet the demand of products, but KFC is not out of the woods yet.

A few weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal came hard to suppliers after chicken breast started trading at $2.04 per pound, up from $1.32. The chicken wings also went as high as $2.92 per pound.

This was frustrating for buyers since chicken wings have remained a popular takeout option for many. Not to mention, the more inelastic than other chicken products.

Why KFC and others are taking items off their advertising campaigns

KFC is yet to specify the foods that will be out of stock; customers have already expressed their frustrations. There’re concerns that gravy, sweet chili bites, BBQ, and mini fillets will be out of stock. One customer shared the experience and said he had to drive to three KFC looking for a hot pie only to be told it wasn’t available.

Winter Storms Effect Chicken Shortages in the USA?

Chicken Shortages in the USA?

KFC shortage is affecting takeaway deliveries and a couple of restaurants. All we know by now is that the store announced there would be weeks of disruptions.

KFC is yet to specify the items that will be out of the shelves yet. The CEO confirmed that things might be a little different on the next visit. While this doesn’t sound ideal, you can be sure that things will be a bit different on the next visit. The packaging may be unusual, or some items may be unavailable.

Chicken Shortages in the USA? What Can You Do To Prepare for the Shortage?

Now that KFC bosses have confirmed that some items are not available on the menu, consumers may have to dash to popcorn chicken to get their fix. Also, you can try more hand-breaded chicken, burgers, and boneless wings.

The chicken wing shortage was an eye-opener for KFC, and is doing everything possible to deal with the shortage.

Don’t expect any relief if you’re looking for a chicken sandwich to prepare in your home kitchen. And it could get worse.

Restaurants are preparing to deal with unexpected supplies.

Eateries are making changes to deal with the shortages. For instance, Pub at 2 Mile is removing chicken wings from their online menus. This is something everyone was not anticipating. Dianne Dulac (co-owner) stated that things are getting progressively worse, and there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Chicken Shortages in the USA?

Chicken Shortages in the USA?

Businesses expect chicken production to resume in the coming months and add more output. In an interview with Newport Daily News, Dulac stated that the market tightness could ease with better demand and supply ratio. No doubt, the supply will get back as usual after navigating industry supply constraints.

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