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What to Buy Before Panic Buying Winter 2021/2022 Shortages Hit Stores

What to buy before panic buying winter 2021/2022 shortages hit stores? Unless you have been entirely out of touch the last few months, the supply chain, transportation, and inflation issues occurring worldwide are becoming more impactful every day. As the mild days of Autumn begin cooling off, many weather forecasters in North America are predicting what may be one of the longest and coldest winters since the turn of the century. Inflation has been steadily hitting almost every consumer sector, including food, gas, and energy costs is another primary concern. These issues happening simultaneously have many experts warning people to prepare for panic buying, hyperinflation, and multiple power outages this winter. The following list of the most basic and essential items is what you will want to stock up on before they become unavailable.

What to Buy Before Panic Buying Winter 2021/2022 Shortages Hit Stores?

Food – When stockpiling food for emergency purposes, nutritional value, ease of preparing, and shelf life are the most important factors to consider. Canned goods such as meats, fish, soups, fruits, and vegetables are the best choices to stock up on first as they last a very long time and take almost no preparation other than opening the can. Pantry staples such as rice, beans, oatmeal, pasta and sauces, and other easy yet nutritious meals are excellent. Be sure to choose items you know your family will eat and are the easiest to prepare.

What to Buy Before Panic Buying Winter 20212022 Shortages Hit Stores (2)

What to Buy Before Panic Buying Winter 2021/2022 Shortages Hit Stores

Water – Experts recommend that the average person needs one gallon of water per day during an emergency. That is two liters for drinking and two liters for food preparation and sanitary reasons. So for a family of four, six 5 gallon jugs of water would be enough to last a week. The other recommendation is to ensure you have at least two water filtration items and extra filters on hand. If the emergency is more prolonged, you will need to find outdoor water sources close to your home, and water filtration will become necessary.

Panic Buying Winter 2021/2022 Shortages Hit Stores

What to Buy Before Panic Buying? Medical supplies – Anyone reliant on prescription medication should now take the opportunity to request an extra two to four weeks supply from their doctor in case of emergency as it may be life-saving during times of crisis. Having a good collection of over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers, cold and flu treatments, diarrhea medication, alcohol, antibacterial creams, and bandages is critical. A small sewing kit and dental floss can be used during an emergency if someone needs stitches. When it comes to medical supplies, more is better so you can help out friends or neighbors in need or use extra supplies to barter for other items.

Medical suplies

What to Buy Before Panic Buying

Extra fuel – This category does not just include a couple of five-gallon cans of gas for a generator or a spare propane tank for your outdoor grill, although those are both excellent places to start. A camping stove and extra fuel cylinders will help you cook food for your family and help heat small areas. A few packs of firestarter, a small ax, waterproof matches, lighters, candles, flashlights, and batteries are all essential survival gear you will want to have if the lights go out.

Blankets – It is simple, the more blankets you have, the better off you will be. Blankets can be used to cover windows to help keep out the cold. They can be piled up to make a warm bed. Blankets can seal off a room or a staircase to keep the heat in your house in one central location. They can be used with a belt or a rope to add another outer layer of clothing or wrap and insulate a wound. Plastic tarps are also still inexpensive and add an additional layer of protection against water and wind.

It is important to note that these are considered the very bare essentials you will want in times of crisis or emergency. It is up to you to decide what the particular needs of you and your family will need if there are significant power outages this winter. Take the time to make a well-thought-out list of items you will want and need if the time comes when you have to rely solely on what is in your home. Then start buying as soon as possible before the shelves begin to empty. And be aware that the cheapest item is usually not the best choice. Purchase quality items that will work when you need them to and last long enough to see you through the hard times will help you sleep much better through the long nights of winter.

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