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Top Self-Isolation Tips To Help you Get Through Stay at Home

These are trying times, unlike we have ever seen or lived with before. The idea to stay home seems like a great idea till only so long then boredom and loneliness can set in. The ones that are alone are more susceptible to depression, and other issues are in a worse situation. Having someone with you can be a blessing, or maybe you drive each other crazy. Let’s all hope the latter is not the case. So here are a few things that you can do to pass the time and make the best of an already, stressful situation.


Binge Watch some TV Shows or check out YouTube for How-To Videos

At least try to learn something new. We watched some video the other day on Canning and Jarring. Next time something like this happens, maybe we could have had more of a stockpile. It seemed like something that was not only entertaining yet useful at the same time.

Organize your Household

You have time on your hands why not clean out your closet and organize your pantry or garage. You have the time, and it never seems to get done. So what better time as any. Take a look at the YOUTUBE VIDEO Marie Kondo. She has some great ideas on organization.


Towels with pattern and orange in drawer

Try Learning a new Langauge

Babble and others offer inexpensive programs that start at 12.99 per month, and in the next month, you could be speaking a new language. Not only is this a great thing, but when the recovery happens, and it will you have another skill set on your resume.

Learn a new language during self isolation, stay at homer

Try to stay occupied and not worry about things that are out of your control. Brush up on your recovery plan, what you will do, and how you will do it. This will pass, and we will be on the road to a new beginning. More than likely, things will never be the same, but most things will.

Stay in touch with friends by voice, texting can be so impersonal, and you can chat forever. With phone plans today, there are no long-distance fees, so time to re-engage with your old friends and your family.

talking with friends

Make the best of these times, and stay healthy and keep your mind thinking about positive thoughts.


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