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Do Face Masks Help from the Corona Virus?

TotesNewsworthy Special Report Do Face Masks Help from the Corona Virus?

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a lot of fearmongering. Especially from celebrities and “news” sources. People are looking for ways to keep them and their families safe. This is fine; of course, you should take every precaution possible. But what precautions are genuinely worth taking? Using hand sanitizer? Yes, that’s a great way of killing bacteria and keeping yourself safe. Wearing a face mask? Well, it might not be quite as good at stopping the spread of the Coronavirus and here’s why:

Will my facemask work?

First, let me say that there is no harm in wearing a facemask. It may not protect you from every disease, but it can’t hurt. It can stop you from catching other people’s illnesses, just as much as it can prevent them from catching yours! The problem with these standard surgical masks or work masks is their filter. They are typically meant to stop the large contaminants, not the microfibers. This means stopping dust and dander from getting through is easy; stopping the Coronavirus is a different story.

The best way to check if your mask will help is to check its micron filter. This means how small do the particles need to be to pass through the mask. For example, dust is about 5 microns in diameter. A typical facemask can filter 3 microns in diameter. So a facemask will keep out dust. Great! Except, the Coronavirus is about 0.5 microns wide. Meaning the microscopic holes found in your mask are six times wider than the thing they are supposed to block.

Why are celebrities posting facemask selfies?


Celebrities posting pictures of themselves in their mask are doing one of two things. Trying to raise awareness, or trying to generate some good publicity. Considering every single person with social media, a computer, a phone, or television knows what the Coronavirus is, one can only assume it is the latter, and they want to generate likes on their social media accounts. There is no real benefit in wearing these masks, just because you see the global “elite” wearing them doesn’t mean you should. The fact that they are trying to gain publicity off of other people’s hardship is quite sickening. If you live in California, the Cornovirus is not a concern. Just take the normal precautions you would, like washing your hands before you eat and when you use the restroom. You don’t need a mask.

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