Tips for Designing Your New Home Office

Tips for designing your new home office. The last year or so has been a crazy time for everyone, but it’s been arguably even crazier for business professionals. Quite a few received an unexpected vacation, while a majority were able to work from home every day instead of only occasionally, if at all. Everyone also finally got to see how many of those meetings really could have been just emails.

Tips for Designing Your New Home Office

Tips for Designing Your New Home Office

Regardless of how it turned out for you, the last year required many changes to our daily routines. One of the biggest was setting up a makeshift office in the corner of our living rooms (or bedrooms or kitchens). But that may not be able to cut it anymore. Whether it’s because your job is now permanently remote, or you’re just sick of your current setup, we are here to bring you the best tips for designing your new home office.

Tips for Designing Your New Home Office

Find a Dedicated Room

The living room provides far too many distractions for any significant productivity. If you’re going to get serious about working at home, you’ll need a space dedicated to work and nothing else. If you have absolutely no extra rooms in your house, find one that doesn’t see a lot of use during the day, and set up in there. It’s unlikely that every room is busy all the time. If there isn’t enough room to set up in there, consider a room redesign as well. No matter how you achieve it, you need a space devoted to being your office.

Invest in a Desk

Sitting at a kitchen table is nice and all, but there’s a reason why we only eat meals there—they’re not suitable for long work sessions. That’s why looking into a work desk should be your next step. So many variations now exist on the market: basic ones without any drawers, large corner desks, and even standing ones. If you want our suggestion, we recommend a standing desk. They are a great way to increase your productivity. And don’t worry if you don’t think you’d be able to stand all day long; there are plenty of conversion models that can move up and down to allow for standing or sitting throughout the day.

Tips for Designing Your New Home Office

Make the Workspace Yours

The last of our tips for designing your new home office is to make it your own. If you leave your office an empty room with a desk, you’ll hate going in there each day. Spice it up and give it the makeover it truly deserves. Set up some personal pictures, or maybe even paint the walls mint green. Whatever you need to do to make that room feel like it’s your office, do it. No one is going to judge you, so go wild with it. You’ve earned it.

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