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Ultimate Survival Guide to Covid 19

Ultimate survival guide to Covid 19.  The Coronavirus has finally made its way over to North America in full force. The amount of people who are infected is rising drastically. The number we see is only the people who have been tested. There are conservative estimates that as many as 50 million people could have the virus at its peak (if steps are not taken quickly). This is a problem, it’s something we must be aware of, but it doesn’t mean we have to panic. There is a very distinct difference between preparing for the worst and being cautious and panic buying. People who go to the store and buy as much toilet paper as they can fit in their car are preparing. But, they are not doing it to be cautious. They are, to put it politely, just stupid. There is only so much toilet paper you need. So people who buy 250 rolls of it fall Into two categories. Either A, they are just giving in to the panic and have no consideration for others. Or B, they are planning on reselling it at a huge markup. Making you not just stupid but immoral. So, besides toilet paper, what else do you need to purchase? This article has all the answers.

Ultimate survival guide to Covid 19 

What to Buy:

What to buy is just as important as how much. As mentioned above, you do need toilet paper. But you don’t need hundreds of rolls. You do need pasta, rice, and other long-life products. But you don’t need 100 packets. When considering what to buy, there are four main categories to consider. Hygiene, medical, food, and fun!

Hygiene products:

Hygiene products are always the first to go. That’s why toilet paper and other sanitary products have started to sell out within minutes of the store opening. Ensuring you have at least two months’ supply of toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, and baby wipes is a must. What you should then do is buy one or two packets more with your weekly shop. Just as you normally would. This means you will always have a decent supply but aren’t breaking the bank for no reason. It’s a good idea to buy things like shower and toilet cleaning products, countertop cleaners, and things like washing detergent.

cleaning agents

Medical Products:

Ultimate survival guide to Covid 19. First, you must think about your long term health. If you are someone who takes regular medication, it is a good idea to stock up. Depending on the type of drugs, you may be able to ask for a three or even 6-month prescription. This should be more than enough to see you through to the end of this pandemic. Next, it’s time to consider the everyday essentials. Allergy medication, aspirin, the basics. Lastly, ensure you have some things in your home to help you get through to the virus if you do catch it. Flu medicine, tissues, maybe some products that help keep you hydrated like salt tablets too.

Customer in pharmacy holding medicine bottle

Food items:

Of course, you also need food. Canned food, frozen food, dry goods, and preserves should all be your priority. Buying foods that will last as long as possible and require minimal preparation is ideal. Pasta and rice are very filling and can keep you going when everything else dries up. Buying long-life fruit juices and powdered milk can also save you from the monotony of water. Once you have all of these, the best idea is to switch back to buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Save your long life items for when you are stuck at home. So long as you still feel comfortable going to the store, you should keep buying fresh food. When the borders close more harshly, who knows how much longer you will be able to get it.

canned food


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