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Having an Eating Strategy During the Holiday Season

Having an Eating Strategy During the Holiday Season is a smart choice. Christmas feasts can be healthy after all if you don’t go off the rails.

Many deaths occur during the holidays from overeating. So let’s try to make this festive season the best and stay healthier, so come January first, you don’t have to lose an extra ten pounds.

Having an Eating Strategy During the Holiday Season

Winter is a difficult time for people who are watching their weight. To make matters even more challenging, the cold-weather season starts with two of the most important meals of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

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Temptation need not get the best of most people, and we at Totes Newsworthy offer suggestions for keeping the two large holiday meals on the light side.

The first step is to have an “eating strategy” during the holiday season. That way, people who are watching their calories can start the winter months off right, with a positive, healthy attitude. One typical strategy is to make a mental note to keep an eye on portion size. You know what foods are the heaviest in calorie content and try to limit those.

One of the most common pitfalls of all dieters is not knowing how much food is in a typical “serving.” As a result, they end up eating the right foods and perhaps avoiding junk snacks, but they eat way too much of the good stuff.

Having an Eating Strategy During the Holiday Season

Having an Eating Strategy During the Holiday Season

The second thing to keep in mind is to beware of the “extras.” By that term, refers to all the things holiday celebrants usually put on otherwise healthful foods that add unnecessary calories.

It’s smarter to enjoy a festive dinner, for example, without all the sauces, gravies, butter, and cream. We suggest that in addition to portion control (rule number one), savvy holiday revelers should cut out the extras that are mainly fat calories anyway.

Third, it is not a good idea to skip meals on the day of a big dinner, like Thanksgiving or Christmas day. Depriving a body of its needed calories early in the day usually leads to massive overeating later on, especially if there is a large feast on the calendar.

Finally, the simplest of all beverages, water, can be a big help for calorie counters during the holiday season.

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Having an Eating Strategy During the Holiday Season

By that, he does not suggest replacing nutritious meals with plain water. Instead, we recommend that everyone can cut down on alcohol and sugary drinks and substitute water during the holidays.

Alcoholic drinks have tons of calories, and many soft drinks, even no-calorie ones, are nothing but chemicals and flavorings. Also, drinking water regularly during the day tends to help people digest their food better and feel more naturally full after eating.

The fact is, the more you drink and get intoxicated, the more your willpower is diminished. So try to stay healthy take a few walks. Cut down on the portions and have a great time. Happy Holidays for all your friends at TotesNewsworthy.

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