Common Questions about Fibromyalgia

Experts in pain management explain the importance of knowing the facts about fibromyalgia.

Everyone knows the basic definition of pain because they have likely experienced it at some time in their lives. Those who live with chronic pain, however, have a much deeper understanding of what it is like to deal with this challenging burden. Education, according to recognized pain management specialists, is always a good thing.

Single woman suffering neck ache

Many people who suffer from chronic pain are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a sickness that just a few decades ago had no name and was only discussed in medical classes and among researchers. Nowadays, the term has come into the common language but is still quite misunderstood. Except for those who have it, and the medical specialists who treat them, fibromyalgia is something of a mysterious term and illness, according to many authorities in the pain management field.

In its most common manifestation, fibromyalgia appears as a feeling of tenderness and generalized pain all over the body, or in many different areas. The disorder itself is thought to cause fatigue and muscle soreness and pain directly; experts point out. They note that common fibromyalgia symptoms can include numb hands and feet, difficulty sleeping, painful headaches, memory problems, especially painful periods for women, as well as morning soreness and stiffness.

It often happens, pain experts suggest that a person can suffer from more than one chronic pain condition concurrently.

Medical researchers are unsure whether or not the various chronic pain disorders arise from the same cause. As for fibromyalgia specifically, experts say that the reason is still a big question mark for medical experts. Sometimes it is impossible to give a precise diagnosis to the patient.

One intriguing aspect of the current research about fibromyalgia, experts say, is that some groups of people tend to suffer from it more frequently, namely those who also have rheumatoid arthritis, spinal arthritis, or lupus. Some researchers think that the disorder may be transferred genetically from parents to their children.

Treating fibromyalgia is a challenge because its cause is not known, it can be quite painful for some who have it, and different patients respond differently to various treatment techniques. Experts in the pain management field say that those who have fibromyalgia are usually advised to get plenty of sleep and eat a nutritious diet. Much research is still being done on fibromyalgia, but nondrug therapies are helpful for some sufferers.

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