Expert Tips for Staying in Shape This Winter 2020

Some of the best ways to exercise and eat right this fall from health experts and fitness gurus worldwide.

Let’s face it as Thanksgiving approaches; then, the festive season is immediately upon us; we all tend to eat more and gain weight.

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Finding ways to stay happy and healthy is essential regardless of the season or the festivities, but even more so in the Fall and Winter, when holiday eating and seasonal illnesses are potential roadblocks.

It’s essential to keep these tips from TotesNewsworthy in mind as things to do all year round to feel the best as possible.

1. Consider A Diet

TotesNewsworthy knows that whatever people choose to consume through their diet has a large part of doing with the way they feel. Although it’s essential to choose healthy foods, many people out there are unsure what exactly to eat that’s right for them. Each person’s dietary needs are different, but during the Fall and Winter, avoiding fatty foods as well as sweet treats that seem to come with the season are great starting goals to have. We all want to keep our glucose levels at a healthy range. Overeating during Holiday can also result in a heart attack. So use moderation.

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2. Get Moving

One of the most important things about staying in shape is finding ways to add exercise to a routine. TotesNewsworthy recommends that at least a half-hour of physical activity three times a week should be performed. Things like walking, going to the gym, playing a sport, and more will help get the body moving and in shape. Just something simple as power walking with a Fitbit and adding steps can make all the difference in the world.

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