Glass Bottom boat trips in Mallorca

Glass Bottom boat trips in Mallorca

Mallorca has a great offer for things to do, especially in summer. What about a boat trip with one of the glass bottom vision boats where you will discover the beauty and richness of the seabed of the island, on excursions that depart from different ports of the Mallorcan coast.

Glass bottom boat Mallorca

Imagine navigating along the coast of Mallorca with your family and seeing the seabed with the fish swimming next to you. It is a surprising and exciting vision. Being able to look closely at the sea life from a boat with underwater vision is an experience for the whole family.

Glass bottom boats

Back in the 60s, when Mallorca began to be a well-known and demanded tourist destination for a vacation, it was when boat trips began to be popular. At first, they were small or medium wooden boats, of which there are still some. Then came the tourist swallows, more extensive and larger capacity ships. These boats were evolving, becoming more modern, and introducing new features, such as underwater vision.

These types of boats are specially designed and built to enjoy underwater vision, which guarantees the perfect visualization of sea life. They are semi-submersible, built entirely with marine aluminum in shipyards with extensive experience in the construction of this type of boats. It is in their semi-submersible helmets where they have the underwater viewing area, where there are seats, to facilitate enjoyment.

With these boats, in most cases, short trips are made, 3 hours maximum, and always near the coast. Normally a few hours of navigation and some stops to take a bath are included. Without a doubt, it is a very popular activity for families with children, both for its duration, price, and the fact of having an underwater vision, which attracts the attention of children.

Perhaps the only drawback is that the seabed of Mallorca is not as spectacular as that of the Caribbean, which is what comes to mind when talking about the seafloor. In Mallorca, we do not have corals or tropical fish, but a bottom with rocks and fish not so “colorful” (the word is cool 😁), but that does not mean that it is not beautiful, but rather different.

Glass bottom boat sailing through Formentor

Glass Bottom boat trips in Mallorca

Glass bottom boat Mallorca

Boat trips in Mallorca

Virtually from each port or resort of Mallorca, there is the possibility of enjoying a boat trip, although not from all with underwater vision. Here are some options!

Glass bottom boat in Alcudia

Admiring the Bay of Alcudia (north of Mallorca), with this walk, the coast is bordered until you reach one of the most beautiful caves in the area, the Coll Baix. And, once we get there, we will make a 15-minute stop to swim, enjoy the views, and be able to go down to the ship’s viewing rooms to admire the fantastic underwater world.

Glass bottom boat in Santa Ponsa

This glass-bottom boat route starts at Camp de Mar, Paguera, or Santa Ponsa. From there you visit the nature reserve of Malgrats Island, where you can admire the impressive landscape of this area of the southwest of Mallorca. Fish of different types, octopus, jellyfish, starfish … you can see all these animals and much more thanks to the transparent bottom of the boat. The walk also includes a stop for snorkeling and swimming.

Glass bottom boat in Magaluf

The company has several vessels equipped with the Underwater Vision and which have three decks. During underwater viewing, the boat approaches the coast and, at a low speed, begins the journey along the coast. You can observe a large number of species that populate the seabed of this area of the coast, and it is trendy among the Russians who stay in Palmanova and Magalluf during their vacations.

Glass bottom boat in Cala Millor

In the eastern part of the island, where we find the tourist centers of Cala Millor, Cala Ratjada, Sa Coma … there is also the option to contemplate the seabed of this coastline. The tour takes about 2-3 hours, and leaves from different piers along the coast, from Cala Ratjada to Porto Cristo, crossing the entire coastline.
As you can see, it is a highly recommended activity, especially in summer, and if you go with children, you will enjoy it very much. You can find all these activities and many more on, an operator dedicated to offering activities and tours in Mallorca.


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