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Staying in Shape During COVID 19 How to Keep Healthy

Staying in Shape during COVID 19 can be difficult when you get in the mood to do nothing and just lounge around. Let’s face it we have so much to watch on TV with all the streaming the amount of social media we have access to can be enough to make you gain unwanted weight. So here are a few helpful tips on staying in shape during these times that we have never faced. We will recover, and when we do, the last thing is to have some condition now do to inactivity.

Some tips from fitness guru’s for people who want to work in some easy on-the-go exercise to their everyday routine at home.

Staying in Shape During COVID 19 How to Keep Healthy

For the average person, TotesNewsworthy knows setting aside time each week to make it to the gym can sometimes seem like a struggle.
Now that is not going to happen, so we have to be able to improvise, adapt, and overcome, and deal with the situation at hand. Gyms are closed.

Woman stretching muscles

Staying in Shape During COVID 19 How to Keep Healthy

But at Totes, we know there are some easy ways to burn off calories during the day, as well as get the blood moving to feel the best possible this coming summer. All those who try this will feel good as well as look good too. Here are three easy ways to take in exercises during this period.

Download a Workout App

There are so many out there to choose from that you can stream them on your device, or with the new smart TV, you can stream on your large screen and do your 30-minute workout. The best part is all from your living room.

Staying in Shape During COVID 19 How to Keep Healthy

Staying in Shape During COVID 19 How to Keep Healthy

Dust off that Unused Workout Equipment:

You bought it at one time with good intentions. Well, now clean it up and start working out on that Treadmill that is sitting in the garage or the Elliptical. The price is low. You already own it, so that sure was an easy one. Think of what results from this you would get doing it every 4 hours. Start easy. Don’t overdo it at first; add time slowly.


Watch some Workout or Yoga Videos on YouTube:

Let face it YouTube has everything you can think of, and some of these famous YouTubers have channels with millions of subscribers, so turn on the TV search and find something you like and have fun with it.

Don’t just sit around and get depressed. Do something that will keep you healthy and also help build a more robust immune system.
We will all get through this why not make a 10 or 15 goal and see what happens. When we are out this pandemic mode, you will in better shape and feel better about yourself. Nobody likes tight clothes.

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