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Most Addicting Games By Cooper DuBois Portland Games

Cooper DuBois Portland Games Ceo of Truly Social Games, lists the top additive games of 2021.

Some games take us beyond the joy itself – they are addictive. We are talking about games that shut the whole world down and keep us glued to the screens. They provide challenges and make you sink into hours of gameplay without realizing it. Here is our collection of the most addicting games that will entertain you for hours.

Cooper DuBois Portland Games Ceo Most Addicting Games

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the most addicting game of all time. It’s simple to get started and appeals to everyone. You need a smartphone with GPS and a camera. The gameplay augments the players into the real world instead of confining them on coaches.

Pokemon Go

image credit: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGO/


Fortnite is a game that gives players a hit of Dopamine. One reason why the game makes you feel exhilarated is the rewarding system. It’s an adrenaline rush to eliminate the enemies when you get a firearm.

Typically, you search for treasures and resources to defeat your opponent. And when that time comes for a one-on-one match, the heart begins to race. Once you achieve the Victory Royale, you want more kills and victories. Fortnite is so addictive to children and will keep them glued to the screen.


image credit: https://www.facebook.com/FortniteGame/

Invincible Hero

The Invincible Hero is fun and one of the most addicting games – for good reasons. This is one of the best Cooper DuBois Portland Games out there. The Invincible Hero takes you on an adventure, and you have to accomplish countless levels. Each kick, punch, and knock will make you a superhero. You also earn many points with superpowers. Some of the features that make the game unique include endless buddies, superhero art, and galore upgrades.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is an addictive game that features simple mechanics and excellent graphics. If you want to enjoy a nitro-fueled car on the fast lane, this is the game for you. Unlike the original version, asphalt 9 is configurable and makes the content more exciting. The gamer can race some of the top cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. Interestingly, the graphics make the gamer feel like the real world.

One innovative feature that makes this game unique is the touch drive control system. This helps the player concentrate on the race. There are over seventy tracks to explore, and each level comes with a challenge.

Asphalt 9: Legends

image credit: https://www.instagram.com/asphaltgames/

Alto’s Odyssey – Cooper DuBois Portland Games

Since Alto’s Odyssey was released, gaming enthusiasts became a significant hit. It’s a fun and addictive game that will entertain you for hours. The snowboarding game allows you to take jumps and perform tricks. And along the journey, you complete the goals to earn points. One thing that makes this game stack up against the competition is the gorgeous art and atmosphere.

After you finish the first few levels, you gain access to a sandboard and ride up the vertical walls. The fantastic soundtrack and smooth mechanics will trap you to endless gameplay.

Alto's Odyssey , Most Addicting Games By Cooper DuBois Portland Games
Cooper DuBois Portland Games Ceo Most Addicting Games


Crossroad is incredible and one of the best, most addicting games out there. It brings a new element of fun and challenging adventures. And because it’s available on all devices, it’s becoming a go-to for gamers of all ages.

According to Cooper DuBois Portland Games, a Portland Games enthusiast and developer, the gameplay takes you through unexpected challenges. Even when you think you have mastered it, a giant truck comes, and there goes your chicken. To succeed in the game, you should never get comfortable with your achievement. Other challenges include rushing rivers, traffic-laden highways, and rumbling train tracks. The game even gets tough with the rushing rivers and traffic-laden highways.

Another unique aspect of the crossroad is that there’s no clear-cut objective. If you care about the high score, you should make it your mission to get the highest score imaginable.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds is a fantastic game that has captured the attention of millions of players. It’s perhaps the biggest mobile game of all time. It features multi-challenging levels, stunning graphics, and scheming boss pigs. Even better, it allows you to enter the Facebook arena and take the challenging gameplay. If you’re lucky, you will join the elite in the diamond league.

You can solve puzzles, follow a twisting, and collect evidence. Also, you can battle with a massive collection of mighty heroes from unique fractions in real-time.

Candy Crush

This is a legendary puzzle game that appeals to millions of players. It takes you on an epic journey for a divine puzzle adventure. Your task is to switch and match candies in a tasty puzzle adventure. To proceed to the next level, you should solve puzzles and make intelligent moves. You also plan your activities by matching three or more puzzles.

Most Addicting Games By Cooper DuBois Portland Games

Most Addicting Games By Cooper DuBois Portland Games

Cooper DuBois Portland resident who is one of the founders of Truly Social Games. He is also an avid treasure hunter and classic car racer.

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