5 Easy Tips for Protecting Your Yard in the Wintertime

These 5 easy tips for protecting your yard in the Wintertime will help make tending to your gardens in the Spring much easier. With a little advance planning and a bit of work in the late Fall, these 5 easy tips for protecting your yard in the Wintertime will also help your yard look neat and well maintained.

If you take great pride in caring for your home and the landscaping that surrounds it, you probably don’t enjoy having to start from scratch once the chill of winter finally relents.

5 Easy Tips for Protecting Your Yard in the Wintertime

Winter’s freezing temperatures and snowfall can do serious damage to your yard, but you don’t just have to put up with it. We’ll give you a five easy tips for protecting your yard in the wintertime so your springtime doesn’t have to start off poorly.

Prune Foliage Before Snow

Not only is this tip important for your yard, but it’s also important to do for you and your family’s safety. Trees and large plants that have branches that are either weak or damaged can pose serious hazards during the winter.

Snow accumulation means that these can easily break off, damaging the plant itself as well as anything beneath it. One of the easiest ways for protecting your yard in the wintertime is pruning these precarious branches before the snow gets too heavy.

Insulate Trees To Protect Them

Trees may go dormant in the winter, but that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to damage from the cold or snow. For some more delicate varieties of trees, insulating their trunks and roots is a great way to protect your yard in the wintertime. You can do this for ancient trees in your yard as well as trees you plant in the winter as saplings.

Cut Your Lawn Short

As odd as it may seem when you first hear it, shorter grass is actually better for the wintertime, especially if you’re expecting heavy snowfall. If you let your grass grow too long before or during the winter, you actually run the risk of it getting matted down by either frost or snow. Grass that gets matted like this can choke out its own roots. This also blocks them from getting the right amount of sun. This can lead to patches of dead grass and even mold growth if you aren’t careful.

Water Even in the Winter

While it seems counterintuitive to continue a watering schedule for your plants in the winter, it’s still important to consider. Depending on how warm a winter you are experiencing, protecting your yard in the wintertime may including watering it, if you extended dry or periods.

You definitely don’t need to water every day or even every week, but at least once or twice a month can help your plants stay strong and grow more roots even when it’s freezing cold out. It isn’t always feasible thanks to freezing temperatures or snowstorms, but you may want to try it out on warmer days or days without storms.

Remove Dead Foliage From the Ground

In the same way that grass can get matted down because of snow or frost, pieces of dead foliage may start to rot on the ground during the winter while they are hidden from your view under a blanket of snow.

Make sure that you rake and remove any leftover dead leaves. Dead and fallen fruit or acorns can also pose more problems for your yard if you leave them alone. So another aspect of protecting your yard in the wintertime is to make sure to remove any debris that has fallen on your yard before the snow flies.

The less clutter you have on your lawn or in your yard during the winter, the better off it will be later on. The cleaner your yard and garden beds are in the winter. The less work you will need to do to prepare them for Spring. So that concludes the five easy tips for protecting your yard in the wintertime.

For those who still would like to do some gardening during the winter months, growing micro greens indoors is an excellent option. Many of these tiny plants such as peas, sunflowers and radishes are extremely easy to grow indoors.

For more information on how to grow micro greens indoors, continue reading here.


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