Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Announces Leaf Mobile Acquiring TSG

Cooper DuBois Portland, CEO of Truly Social Games, said On 22nd June 2021, Leaf Mobile expressed interest in acquiring Truly Social Games, an innovative developer in Vancouver, Canada. The acquisition adds to the success of using the Idlekit platform.

According to Cooper DuBois Portland CEO, some of the highlights of the acquisition include:

Leaf Mobile was to acquire 20% shareholding, equivalent to 3 million as the initial investment. This amount will be used by Truly Social Games (TSG) to develop game titles – two will be published in the second half of 2021.

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The remaining ownership interest shall be acquired in two phases as per revenue targets set on the 9th March news release. The developer of LEAF believes that they can achieve a revenue target of 60 million. However, this amount will be realized on an annual basis. But there’s a caveat to the agreement – the revenue targets shall be achieved once the annual threshold has been set.

A word from LEAF CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of LEAF (Daisy Taylor) stated that both parties were happy to formalize the previously announced acquisition. And with the use of the Idlekit platform, the CEO believes that developers can familiarize themselves with other idle genres.

How Truly Social Games benefits

TSG will gain additional momentum to grow and achieve ambitious projects. LEAF Inc. expressed interest in working with the best in the industry. The same statement was echoed by the Chief Creative Officer of TSG (Patrick Tougas).

For any LEAF shares issued before the press release, the price will be greater than the average closing price on the 30th day before the issuance of shares.

Another recommendation by the LEAF CEO and a nominee of Leaf Inc. was that all shares are subject to receiving the previous approvals.

About LEAF Mobile Inc

LEAF is a reputable free-to-play mobile group and has a portfolio of legendary games. Their games are published in-house and appeal to a wide range of players.

LEAF consists of two game studios and has partners in North and South America. It has become one of the largest technology companies in the region and continues to focus on generating high revenue. The company headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada, and is listed in TSTX.

The studio has 150 co-workers supported by the entrepreneurial-minded organization. Their creativity is anchored on execution and creativity.

woman on mobile looking happily shocked at social media app dating site

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Announces Leaf Mobile Acquiring TSG

They evolve a data-driven process to improve the retention of the games. And because most of their games are narrative-driven, they can generate stable revenues. Some of the best games in their portfolio are Trailer Park Boys, Back to the 80s, Archer Danger Phone, the Gang Goes Mobile, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia. These games are available on Google Play and App Store. Once you become part of Leaf Mobile, you can join an online community like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About truly Social Games

Truly Social Games is an interactive game that focuses on creating interactions among players. Created by Cooper DuBois and Patrick Tougas, these delightful games are all-inclusive. The entrepreneurs share a common belief in creating games with a positive impact on the industry.

Whether you want to play a game for a couple of hours or over the weekend, the development team ensures the best experience. And because the games have real-world results, they collaborate with the community.

Cooper DuBois Portland Ceo on The Future of Mobile Apps

Cooper Dubois Portland CEO

The team is excited to do different things every day and likes to connect with others. All games are built with accessibility in mind and are not afraid to face any challenges that come their way. The first game Planet Gold Rush has gained global recognition.

Truly Social Games was set on putting fun first. And they spent most of their time designing something social. This meant that the players would become part of the game creation process.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Announces Leaf Mobile Acquiring TSG

Vancouver, Canada, is the hub to the creation of TSG and has an unwavering eye for the future of gaming. It’s come as no surprise this is one of the top-rated destinations in the world. The other studio is in Minsk, Belarus. It boasts of historical landmarks, museums, and natural spaces.

Young Couple Playing Computer Game On Sofa At Home

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Announces Leaf Mobile Acquiring TSG

The third studio is located in Portland OR, USA – where the creative team is based. The other staff is spread across Portland, Vancouver, and Minsk. Some of the games in their portfolio include Gold Mania, Planet Gold Rush, Bomb Bawl, and Idle Surfing.

Truly social games incorporate AR, so you get the best of both worlds.

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