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Can Playing to Many Video Games Cause Death

Can playing to many video games cause death. TotesNewsworthy would like all parents who read this to share this with children or young adults. At Totes, we wish all of you the best in health and wellness.

According to a report written by the American Medical Association (AMA), it is unhealthy to play video games longer than two hours per day. In the story, it is claimed that anyone who plays video games for longer than this might have an addiction to video games.

Can Playing to Many Video Games Cause Death?

Also known as gaming disorder, video game addiction is generally defined as compulsive and problematic use of video games, which leads to an individual not being able to function normally in life. The idea of video game addiction remains controversial and is highly debated by experts from various disciplines such as the gaming, medical, psychological, and scientific communities.

The question that many people have, nonetheless, is, “Does playing video games for too long lead to death?” This article doesn’t intend to answer this question outright either way but only intends to bring forth evidence for the reader to evaluate. One must remember that this topic is still under debate, and no one knows for sure whether or not playing video games for too long causes someone to die.

can playing video games kill you

Can Playing to Many Video Games Cause Death

Playing Video Games for Too Long Is Bad for You

In an article written by Peter Gray and published by the Natural Child Project, Are Video Games Dangerous, much research has been put into how playing violent video games for too long causes young people to become violent. Many researchers like to point at a few cases such as the 2005 shooting spree committed by 16-year-old Jeff Weise, who blamed violent video games, among other things, for his actions. However, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the case of Brown versus Entertainment Merchants Association that violent video games do not cause people to commit violent crimes.

Grey continues to explain that it is not a matter of whether or not violent video games make individuals violent but rather is video game addiction harmful. The term “addiction” is used in various ways, Grey writes, but usually refers to the compulsive need to consume some substance or engage in a particular activity to the point that it becomes harmful. It does not matter if the content or activity is necessarily harmful in and of itself; what matters at the end of the day is the compulsiveness of the behavior in question.

The Dangers of Compulsive or Addictive Behavior

What makes drugs dangerous? How many people die from a drug overdose compared to drug-related crimes? It is a well-known fact that a majority of crimes such as burglaries, robberies, assaults, and murders are committed by drug addicts. In addition to that, gambling addicts also commit crimes or steal from loved ones to fuel their gambling addiction. Countless parents have emptied their children’s’ college funds so they could go to the Casino. And it does not end there. Alcoholics have a terrible reputation for sacrificing everything they love to consume alcohol.

When it comes to video game addiction, some of the same patterns can be found in those who are compulsive video game players. The stakes are even higher these days as more and more “free” online mobile games require players to spend money to increase levels or even to win. The pay-to-win online gaming industry was introduced to the world by the Chinese gaming industry. Fortunately, most Westerners still frown upon the pay-to-win gaming strategy; however, most Asians have no problem paying to win. This has led to some gamers from Asia spending tens of thousands of dollars on gaming.

video games addiction

Despite the financial implications, some gamers have died after playing video games for too long.

In May 2019, Furkhan Qureshi, a 16-year-old boy from India, suffered a heart attack after playing PUBG for only six hours straight. Of course, there are plenty of other people who play video games for much longer; then, there is the possibility of prior health concerns that might have been involved in Qureshi’s death. Nevertheless, the result is that the boy suffered cardiac arrest after playing a video game for six hours. Would he still be alive if he had not been playing for that long? Who knows.

In January 2015, a Taiwanese man passed away after a three-day-long online gaming binge. The 32-year-old man named Hsieh was found by an employee of the Internet cafe he had been playing at around 10 am. Hsieh’s death was Taiwan’s second death of the year related to online gaming. As one can see, age is not an issue when it comes to the dangers of game binging. It has more to do with a person’s individual health, just as it would with physical athletics. There are plenty of athletes that push themselves to the brink when engaging in sports. However, most athletes are required to undergo physicals to ensure that their health is good before competing.

Can Playing to Many Video Games Cause Death

In Closing – Can Playing to Many Video Games Cause Death?

Playing video games for long periods is not dangerous for the most part. Millions of people around the world play online video games for hours on end without any issue. However, each individual person is not aware of what underlying health issues they have unless they get checked out by a medical professional. Hardcore gamers should follow the AMA advice and keep their gameplay to only two hours per session at the very least.

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