Cooper DuBois Portland App Development Process

Cooper DuBois Portland App Development Process from start to finish. It is estimated that over 6000 apps are published to Apple App and Google Play stores every year. With 2020 nearing its end, we have seen a steep rise in mobile applications. Generally, the apps follow a specific development process. Let’s look at the mobile app development process recommended by Cooper DuBois Portland resident and CEO of Truly Social Games.

Cooper DuBois Portland App Development Process and Strategy

If you don’t have an app idea, you should think about the problems and solutions you want to solve. During the strategy phase, you should identify the app users, research the competition, and select the goals and objectives.

Perhaps the best place to start is to identify the competition. If you have similar apps, you should check the number of installs. Next, check whether they like them or not. You can try different approaches and evaluate how hard it will be challenging to compete in the marketplace.

On average mobile apps can take up to 6 months. The cost can cost up to $200,000.

Analysis and planning

This is where the app idea starts to take shape and captures detailed functional requirements. You should prepare a product roadmap and determine the minimum valuable product. The crucial part of the planning phase is identifying the skills you need for the app development initiative. If your goal is to build a mobile app for android devices, the team should include Android developers.

Are you ready to select the name of the mobile app yet? Like the domain names in the websites, you should research whether the domains are still in use.

IX/UX Design

Every time you develop a mobile app, you should focus on creating the best user experience. Does the app keep the users engaged? At its core, you should determine which data you need to present. The process should begin by writing down the features you want. The basic building blocks are:

Cooper DuBois Portland App Development Process and Strategy


Determining the wireframe

It would help if you started by assigning different functions and data. This process begins with whiteboards, so you can decide where to make the changes. If you don’t make them here, it will be much harder to erase some marks.


This is the path users follow as they travel within the app. It would help if you considered what you want them to see and the clicks needed to perform the tasks.

If you have challenges with workflows, you ought to update the wireframes. Make sure you don’t increase the difficulty of one action as you improve the other.

Style guide

These are living documents where the navigation rules are documented. What font will the app use? What will be the color scheme? Will you reflect the company brand in app design?


This refers to the final renderings of the app’s design. As you apply your style guide, you can make a few modifications. Adobe Photoshop can be a reliable tool if you want to create high-fidelity mockups.

Top view ux developer and ui designer brainstorming about mobile app interface wireframe design


Some companies prefer to do some prototypes if the functional requirements are not well thought out.


This is where you implement the different styles in the functionality of the app. Once complete, you can assign it to the QA or project manager for review. A good project manager will optimize the workload by redistributing the assignments. You must understand the goals for the specific feature you could be working on.

Back-end tester technology.

This involves looking at the supporting functions of the app. If you use a back-end platform, a few modifications may be needed.


This is a method of communication between the back-end server and the app.

Mobile-app front end

Mobile apps can work without internet access. For this to happen, you should utilize a few web programming languages. IOS apps can be developed using Swift or Objective -C programming language. Be sure to pick a technology that suits your mobile app.

You must develop apps that agree with your budget and timeline. Your agile development plan should support frequent software releases. After you complete each milestone, it should pass through the testing team.



Quality assurance is critical in the mobile app development process. First, you should pay attention to all aspects of the app. The test steps should include performing tests, software quality evaluation, and tracking the fixes. To be on the safe side, you should involve the QA team in the design and analysis stages.

User experience testing

The implementation should match the experience you wanted during the initial stages. Make sure you have a consistent color scheme, style treatments, and navigation.

Don’t forget to perform functional testing, performance testing, and security testing.

Deployment and support

Before you launch the mobile app, make you have Google Playstore and apple store account. And it would help if you encouraged users to give feedback and suggest improvements.


Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept



Cooper DuBois Portland App developer is the CEO of Truly Social Games

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