Ivanka Trump’s Self-named Business is Shutting Down

Ivanka Trump’s self-named business is shutting down. Being the adult daughter of the President of the United States can have many drawbacks. As Ivanka Trump and her siblings have found, the Trump family has not had the luxury of the press considering them “off limits” as they did with the Obama, Bush, Clinton and every other presidential family before them.

Instead, the Trump children have had to endure constant criticism, ridicule and even vicious public attacks including those aimed at Ivanka’s youngest brother, Barron Trump, who is only 12 years old.

Ivanka Trump’s Self-named Business is Shutting Down

That being said, Ivanka has chosen to close her business because is it not sustaining the growth model she has adhered to since opening the business. When her father was elected President of the United States, she and her family chose to move with him to Washington D.C. and remain advisors to her father.

At that point, she stepped down from controlling her own business so she could focus on the much more important matters of state that her father has come to rely upon her advise.

Unfortunately, she simply had too much on her plate when you include the fact that she also spends significant time attending to her duties as a wife and a mother.

Ivanka Trump's Self-named Business is Shutting Down

Ivanka Trump’s Self-named Business is Shutting Down

It is ironic, however, that women who pretend to work for the advancement of women’s rights were some of the first to come out and attack Ivanka’s fashion line. Her clothing, shoes, and accessories were designed to be good quality and affordable wear for women in the workplace.

Which they were, and she chose to place her share of the business into a trust run by relatives so she would not have any appearance of a conflict of interest. However, this was not enough for the haters of the Trump administration and any or all of its policies.

Ivanka Trump’s Self-named Business is Shutting Down

“The brand became a powerful proxy for consumers who feel otherwise powerless to affect the president’s policies,” said Shannon Coulter, who is the organizer of the GrabYourWallet campaign.

Ivanka Trump is Shutting Down Business

ivanka trump is shutting

Ivanka Trump’s Self-named Business is Shutting Down

“Many American women have been using their clout with retailers as a lever for expressing their deep dismay about the hate that the Trump administration represents,” said Coulter. She went on to say “I think the Trump brand has become a lightning rod for bad publicity for the retailers that still carry it.”

Ivanka Trump Shoes

Coulter and her followers like to think that it was the power of their not spending on the Ivanka Trump brand that helped stores like Nordstroms and Hudson Bay cancel contracts with the company. But as always, Ivanka will rise above it.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump’s Self-named Business is Shutting Down

Ivanka Trumps Fashion Company

She believes the work she is doing now will have a much greater impact on women’s and children’s issues in the future and she will remain focused on the fact that she is contributing on the highest level. Unlike the so-called activists that will find any means to disrupt the Trump administration and its agenda for no other reason than hate.

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