Is Ex-FBI Director James Comey a Dirty Cop?

Is Ex-FBI Director James Comey a dirty cop? This topic of discussion has been ongoing long before President Trump fired James Comey on May 9, 2017. The short answer to the question that both liberals and conservatives are leaning toward now is “Yes, he may have technically broken the law.”

However, more than one issue is critical to this situation. First and foremost, he testified before members of Congress that he intentionally gave classified information to a friend so they could leak it to the press.

Is Ex-FBI Director James Comey a Dirty Cop?

He even admitted that he had done this so the information would be the catalyst to have a Special Investigator look into all of the President’s dealings.

What Mr. Comey seems to either not be aware of or is selectively not remembering is the employee agreement that every single employee of the FBI signs at the beginning of their tenure.

The first four provisions deal with the issue of sharing information. Actually, in the fourth provision, it clearly states that prior approval must be received before the disclosure of information to anyone by any means.

As Director of the FBI, every letter, memo, or note that he wrote about FBI business would immediately be the property of the US Government as classified information. Amusingly, only his boss, President Trump, would be able to declassify anything he authored while working for the FBI.

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Is Ex-FBI Director James Comey a Dirty Cop?

President Trump never declassified the memo nor approved of its sharing with anyone, that is obvious to everyone. Therefore, Mr. Comey broke the law by leaking classified FBI information to someone outside the FBI without prior approval.

Pretty straightforward to most people who understand the privacy provisions of working for the FBI. The newest twist that could result in Mr. Comey being charged with additional crimes came directly from his own mouth.

Is Ex-FBI Director James Comey a Dirty Cop?

Mr. Comey has written a book and is currently traveling across the nation doing book signings, and talk shows to promote the book. During one of those shows, the audience was allowed to ask him questions, so he did not have the prepared answers we have gotten used to hearing.

In response to one of the questions, Mr. Comey admitted to taking home four memos and placing them in his safe. Again, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the privacy procedures of classified information, this is a big No-No, and Mr. Comey would definitely be aware of that fact.

So again, we ask the question, is Ex-FBI Director James Comey a dirty cop? I am not willing to go out on a limb and say definitely yes, but I do believe that sooner rather than later, Mr. Comey will be awaiting the answer to that question from either a judge or a jury.

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