Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Explains Downloading Dangerous Apps For Kids

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Downloading Dangerous Apps For Kids

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO explains downloading dangerous Apps for kids can be a problem and very dangerous.

While living in the digital age has many advantages, it’s now easier than ever for children to access content online. If your kids have a mobile device, they can download thousands of applications. But here is the bitter truth – a few of them are a risk to your child. This explains why responsible parents like Cooper Dubois Portland Game developer, want more parents to be informed.

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Up To Online?

Parents need to monitor what their kids are browsing to keep them safe. You never know – they could be accessing inappropriate content. Let’s go over some of the dangerous apps your kids can access.

Cooper Dubois Portland Game Developer List Of Dangerous Apps For Kids

Kik App

This program is a messaging app that allows the user to send private messages. The privacy settings may have a loophole as anyone can send a message to the recipient. And the messages of both the sender and receiver are not easily accessible. Since 2019, the App has been making headlines after several cases of child exploitation. Your choice is always, do you think your son or daughter should be on this?

Kik app

MeetMe App

While the name may sound friendly to many, it’s way too racy for young users. The App is designed to help strangers share common interests and locations. Because it is designed to mimic Facebook or other social media platforms, your kids could send messages to adults and meet them without you ever knowing. This is a huge issue that can lead to dangerous situations or even worse. No parent wants their child to be talking to strangers, either in person or on the internet.

MeetMe App uses GPS to help users connect to those nearby – and you don’t want your kid to be taken advantage of or to have potentially dangerous strangers knowing where they are. Worst of all, this App has no security features that could safeguard any information about your kid.

MeetMe mobile app


Snapchat is one of the apps that should terrify you. It’s nearly impossible to see what your child has been up to because the snaps are quickly deleted. Yet people have been known to screenshot and then save them. Your children can send texts, pictures, and videos to a selected group of recipients.

Another downside with Snapchat is that it allows for sexting. And because it caters to those less than 18 years, someone can send explicit messages. If this happens, contact your local law enforcement agency.

The bullies could also take advantage of an innocent child. And because there’s no paper trail, strangers can send harmful messages using the platform. Still, there’s no moderation so that the child could fall prey to strangers. If you find this App on your child’s phone, delete it immediately.

Snapchat app

Vine App

While the Vine App only accepts registration for persons above 17 years, no verification is done. Therefore, your underage teen could give a fake age and get started. You can imagine the damage if an adult happens to share explicit content with your child. Also, preditors can use the App to trace the location of the kid. This App, we believe, is no longer active, which is excellent news.

Whisper App

Whisper remains one of the most, in our opinion, dangerous apps for kids. One thing that makes it fall behind is the lack of parental control. Since the posts are texts overlaid on a picture, the end-user can be anything.

The whisper app collects the location, data, and other information from your mobile device. In 2015, a Canadian adult was arrested for engaging with a teenager. The anonymity is what gives the App a dark side.

Researchers found that more than one million users claimed less than 15 years in a recent survey. Surprisingly, the App allows users to post anything, even those sexual.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Explains Downloading Dangerous Apps For Kids

Blender App

This App enables the user to send random messages to people. Another problem with Blender is that one can send messages to kids as young as 13 years old. And every detail they send is linked to a location.


Tinder allows you to scroll through the images of others and flag the photos. But the downside with the App is that the other person can contact you. Since Tinder is primarily used as a hookup/dating platform, it’s inappropriate for children. Also, you can hide it on the phone, so you may never know what your child is up to. If your child downloads it, you can be sure their phone will be free of questionable apps.

Dangerous Apps For Kids Tinder


This App enables users to chat with fake strangers. In addition to that, people use webcam software, defraud them and slip under their radars. Recently, there was a case where a teenage celebrity convinced children to send their pictures to get the location. Again we urge you to check your children’s phones since you are paying the bill and want to protect them as every parent should be doing.


It’s one of the most potentially dangerous social media apps that can trigger inappropriate behavior like viral challenges. The short videos can include sexual content. Although the recommended age limit is 13 years, there’s no way you can verify this. Sexual predators can use the tool to exploit them.

Dangerous Apps For Kids TikTok

Instead of exposing your children to dangerous apps, you should introduce them to sports and other activities that are safer and healthier. Also, be sure to check your child’s phone as you never know when they could download a potentially dangerous App.

Cooper DuBois is Ceo of Truly Social Games in Portland and has been active in App development.

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