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Are There CBD Products for Animals?

Are there CBD products for animals? CBD is a chemical found in hemp plants. Hemp, unlike marijuana, is not psychoactive. Meaning CBD and CBD products are not going to get you “high.” CBD is commonly refined into oil. This oil is then blended with all sorts of products. It could be mixed into a lotion to help with things like acne. It could be combined into a drink to improve our digestion process. It could even be taken directly under the tongue as a calming and antianxiety remedy. What are the benefits of CBD products, and can it be used for dogs and cats? This article will cover all of that and more.

What are the Benefits of CBD Products?

CBD products have so many great benefits. The fact that CBD is nonpsychoactive is a benefit of itself. It allows you to function soberly throughout the day, as you would normally. Marijuana, on the other hand, can dramatically affect your alertness and job performance.

Here are the best benefits of CBD


CBD is very calming. It can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. These would be great for both you and your pet. If you are leaving your pet at home while you go to work or are preparing for a long journey together, CBD may help your pet feel more relaxed.

Animal CBD Oil.

Are There CBD Products for Animals?


CBD is full of anti-inflammatory products. That’s why it makes such good acne cream. It also means it is good for helping with inflamed joints and bones if you have an older animal CBD can help ease the symptoms of arthritis.

CBD Products for Animals, Mental Health

CBD is good for managing your mental health. It can help with both anxiety and depression. This is such a good, natural way of dealing with these problems. It isn’t just you who can feel anxious or depressed, so can your pet.

Digestive health

CBD helps improve your digestive system. It helps the enzymes in your stomach break down food far easier. This can help people, or animals, suffering from IBS or IBS like symptoms.

CBD oil

Are there CBD Products for Animals?

There are interestingly many CBD products on the market for animals. These products are designed for pets and are far less potent than ones for people. This means you should NOT give your CBD products to your cat or dog. What you can do is buy them specially made pet CBD products such as oils. Oils are the most common form of CBD product available on the market. Here is why CBD oil so great for both cats and dogs:


CBD oil is excellent to give to dogs with separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is caused by leaving a dog on its own for long periods without it seeing you. Dogs become very emotionally attached to their owners when they are separated; they don’t understand that you will be returning soon. They get very upset and lash out by chewing on the furniture and going to the bathroom all over your floor. CBD oil can help relax your dog’s separation anxiety making your dog feel better and saving your furniture and floors.

CBD oil is additionally great for dogs that have sensitive stomachs. Or some food intolerance. The enzymes that CBD oil stimulates make the digestive process so much easier; this can be a wonderful quality of life improvement for dogs that have weak stomachs.


Cats are not as likely to get separation anxiety as dogs are, but it can still happen. CBD oil for cats is weaker than it is for dogs, because of the size difference. Cats benefit from CBD oil for their stomach even more than dogs do. Cats enjoy milk, and calcium is good for them. But, they are also lactose intolerant. CBD oil helps cats break down and digest milk and milk-based products.

As cats and dogs, get older their joints to start to hurt. Just like people, your pet is likely to get arthritis as they age. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that can make it painful to walk. CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it will help soothe the pain from arthritis. This helps in both cats and dogs, but cats tend to live longer so it can affect them more.

Word CBD cannabis - CBD Products for Animals

Are there CBD Products for Animals?

Best cbd for pets, Conclusion:

If you had never considered that CBD and CBD oils could be so great for not just you but your pet too, hopefully now you can see just how great it is. It should be given in moderation, like anything, but it is still a great thing to give your pet. Especially as they age, your pet will start to see the benefits from CBD products much more. If you are unsure, perhaps speak to your vet to see what they think about CBD oil and your pet specifically.

Check this site for some options on CBD products for Pets

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