Why Yard House is at the Top of Their Game

When it comes to dining out and enjoying happy hour, or a good meal with friends and family, the choices are abundant. But many times we patronize these locations only to end up with either poor food or lousy service, and worse, sometimes both. The Yard House has become our go to place for good reason. The most important thing as a patron is the server’s knowledge of the product that the restaurant provides and that they have a positive attitude.

Why Yard House is at the Top of Their Game

The Yard House seems to take training to a whole new level, and its patrons appreciate it. I have frequented the Yard House more than 50 times in the last few years. Never once have I encountered a server that was uninformed or had the type of “I wish I was anywhere but here” type of attitude.

Understand that most servers are millennials working their way through college etc. But being efficient, being humble, and having knowledge of all your offerings is second to none. And not having the entitlement complex is hard for us baby boomers to take. I for one am not opposed to a verbal thrashing if I feel disrespected. When it comes to training staff, I have spoken to many servers over the years, and their training seems to be second to none. I met Anthony Melchiorri from Hotel Impossible once in Miami, and he said to me that a three-star hotel could still offer five-star service, wise words from such a successful individual.

The Yard House offers that five-star service at very reasonable prices. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a restaurant that is considered (without naming names) a premier steakhouse only to have the waiter or waitress be totally uninformed about the dishes and what they contain, considering my wife has shellfish allergies that can be life-threatening.

It comes to the point that staying at home and cooking our food is much tastier. That’s a huge disappointment, as many people like to go out have fun and have a meal that they will enjoy and also have a good experience at the same time. For me, my family and friends the Yard House offers that.

The Yard House restaurant is operated by Darden, which owns many other dining establishments around the country. Obviously, our personal favorite is the Yardhouse at Desert Ridge, in Scottsdale Arizona.

This has become a go-to place for my wife and I. We can watch sports, enjoy a variety of excellent craft beers, and wine, their spicy tuna roll is simply out of this world.

Their Chilean sea bass is superb. If you have not visited the Yard House, give it a try you will not be disappointed. Special shout out to Abe and Lexi your dedication and work ethics are second to none. Abe, you are a shining star and if every restaurant had people like you, going out to dine would be a much better experience.

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