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5 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Even Noticing

5 easy ways to save money without even noticing is a skill that everyone can use, especially those living on a budget. Being able to save in little ways that you do not notice will help you save more in the long run without feeling deprived.

Everything in life seems to cost money, and when you are working on a tight budget, you may begin to feel deprived of some of life’s treats such as new clothes or travel. Following are five easy ways you can save money and grow your savings account for a rainy day.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Even Noticing

First, set up a savings account and have a small amount directly deposited from your paycheck each week. For example, if you have your employer automatically put twenty dollars a week directly into your savings account, at the end of the year, you will have over one thousand dollars.

You won’t even notice the small difference in your paycheck each week, but you will be pleased with the growth in your savings account. Also, once you have collected a decent amount you can consider some other financial vehicles such as CDs or Money Market accounts that will increase the interest that your money makes so it will grow even faster.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Even Noticing 1

Another of the 5 easy ways to save money without even noticing is to become a member of loyalty clubs. In this day and age practically everywhere you spend money, from gas stations to grocery stores to movie theaters have club cards. Not only will having these cards save you money when you use them, but they also gather points that will give you a wide arrange of discounts for future use.

The same is true for your credit card. You should have one reward credit card that you use for everyday purchases that you can pay off in full at the end of each month. The points gather on this card can be used for gift cards, cash back or travel depending on the card you choose.

The third most natural way of the 5 easy ways to save money is to focus on not spending it. Fall in love with the idea of no spending days. Every neighborhood has parks, hiking trails and community centers where you can gather with friends and enjoy yourself without spending money.

Set a goal to have at least three no spending days each week and challenge yourself and your friends to find new and exciting adventures each week. Beyond the 5 easy ways to save money listed here, To read more on how to save money read this article.

The fourth way of the 5 easy ways to save money is in this same vein, and it is to get a library card. Instead of spending money downloading books, games or music, use your library card to borrow them and then return them. Most library systems will let you extend your borrowing time by calling or renewing your check-out online.

The fifth and final way to save money is probably also the most practical. Make your coffee at home and learn how to cook at least several healthy meals. If you wake up just ten minutes earlier each day, you can easily enjoy some scrambled eggs or a bagel with a cup of coffee before you leave home.

Better yet, you can even make a second cup to take with you to work. Studies show that by eating just one extra meal at home each day will save you approximately ten to twelve dollars. If you do this only on weekdays, you will save about fifty dollars a week. This tip alone can quickly add up to over $2500 in a year. Follow all these tips and throw in a yard sale once or twice a year and your savings can be much more than you imagined very quickly.

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