Fun Ways To Make Money While Spring Cleaning

Fun ways to make money while spring cleaning. Man, it’s brutal out here! From stomping snow off of your boots to making sure the thermostats are at a comfortable temperature, it can seem like winter doesn’t want to end. Luckily, it won’t last for long, as long as you keep yourself busy with tasks, like finding fun ways to make money while spring cleaning. It’s never too late to make the green while you clean.

Fun Ways To Make Money While Spring Cleaning

Create a Yard Sale Pile

Aside from planning spring cleaning tasks, rally all your items together to make piles ready for a yard sale. Yard sales are great ways to declutter your space and let go of things you no longer feel attached to.

Donate To Earn Back in Taxes

Donating helps preserve clothes and furniture and reduces waste. However, did you know you can get a tax write-off for donating? Whether it’s used clothes or money to charity, every donation you make can earn you money back.

Divide Valuable Items

Every item you have either means a lot or little to you—this is sentimental value. When figuring out sentimental value for items around your home, divide it all into separate piles.

When selling and donating, pick gently used items that still have some use. For donations, used costume jewelry is perfect. Don’t donate expensive pieces unless they have a low market value.

However, toss anything broken. You don’t need broken pieces of furniture, jewelry, or picture frames, so no one else does, either. If you like recycling, find a community center that repurposes them.

Put anything with a high sentimental value in a separate pile to keep.

Sell Unused Gift Cards

If you have a gift card you don’t plan on using, consider selling it online. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to use gift money, but selling it can give you the money while allowing someone else the chance to use it on themselves or a friend. Even if the card has a low balance, it can always go toward something small to reduce a total. However, when you sell online, don’t meet up with anyone unless it’s in a public setting.


Fun Ways To Make Money While Spring Cleaning

Fun Ways To Make Money While Spring Cleaning

Almost every item in your home has value, so why not do a little more this spring by finding out the fun ways to make money while spring cleaning? From a tax write-off on donations to having a yard sale, every small thing you do can help you earn some cash.

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