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Why Are People Buying Survival Gear?

Why are people buying survival gear? Have you ever heard the term “prepper?” It is a nickname commonly associated with the “end is nigh” sort of crowd. People who fervently believe that the world is coming to an end and that they need to stockpile canned beans and water to prepare for it.

While the sentiment among many preppers is to be prepared, it isn’t always out of irrational fear. While personal mentality does factor into it, there are many rational thoughts behind prepping.

Why Are People Buying Survival Gear?

We live in a time of great division and political unrest. The news has been following a formula highlighting it day after day. After a while, those messages begin to affect people. This may be a reason more than usual people have been buying survival gear. Out of concern that there may be a large wave of unrest due to political disruption.

Why Are People Buying Survival Gear

Why Are People Buying Survival Gear?

However, one of the most likely culprits is climate change, and there are reasons why it isn’t unreasonable for someone to be prepared to be cut off from supply chains and have to fend for themselves.

As of late, the west/midwest/ and south have been barraged with severe weather. The flooding, for instance, has caused a great disruption to a ton of farms and supply lines. During the winter months on average weather has been becoming more severe and for more rural places it is impossible to predict if they will have access to society for an extended period following a catastrophic weather event.

Why Are People Buying Survival Gear

To prepare to be hunkered in for a while is not outside of the realm of reason whatsoever. It is a good idea for many people who live in hard to reach places. Each year we experience tougher and tougher seasons, and with no stop to climate change, we know we have to prepare. If you believe it is man-made or not, it is still something you should account for depending on your distance from relative civilization.

Then there is the much more subdued far more common reason. It’s a hobby.

Survival gear is cool. It calls upon base instincts and given an added modern flare; it is exciting stuff to collect and interact with. Even if you just camp, having quality survival gear can make the experience much more fulfilling and more comfortable. There are several youtube channels now that showcase things like gear, tents, rations, and gadgets. It is becoming a growing hobby for people and the off chance you ever need to utilize the equipment; then you are prepared.

MRE’s are interesting and gaining a lot of traction thanks to trendy youtube videos. Some people collect them, older military-style and public ones. They also make very effect meal replacements when you are on the go or camping, so they are a no brainer for some people.

Knife, flashlight, compass, flint and saw on the stump in the forest.

Why Are People Buying Survival Gear?

You will often find people who enjoy the hobby of a survivalist are mostly engaging with the stuff because it’s apart of their hobby. People who love camping have never had access to more advanced and practical gear. Tents are always progressing and well as MRE’s and equipment.

The old school mentality of a person with a tinfoil hat bunkered into the woods isn’t reality anymore. It is becoming more reasonable for families to have at least a short term survival kit on standby. Usually 3-4 days. It is mainstream because it is merely a good idea. There are no downsides to being prepared other than the little upfront cost. Because when you are in a horrible blizzard and your power goes out for several days you never know what you may end up needing or when you will be able to get back into town.

The stigma around prepping is dissolving. This is because we are living in changing times. Both with our climate and in our politics and that can leave people concerned for their well being. In the end, it never causes harm to be prepared. Should you take out a lean on your house to fortify and underground bunker? Well probably not, but during times like this when tragedies and uncertainty are becoming a regular occurrence, for many, it provides relief to be prepared.

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